Friday, March 6, 2009

Harvard Med School: The Best Money Can Buy...

Drugs and money Managing Editor's Note: Students at the nation's most "esteemed" med school learn that many doctors are no longer healers - they are dealers. Remember though, vaccines don't count. A doctor can ride into the med school parking lot on a solid gold syringe with the Merck logo on the plunger and The Times will take no notice. No ethics issues there. Nope.

BOSTON — In a first-year pharmacology class at Harvard Medical School, Matt Zerden grew wary as the professor promoted the benefits of cholesterol drugs and seemed to belittle a student who asked about side effects.

Mr. Zerden later discovered something by searching online that he began sharing with his classmates. The professor was not only a full-time member of the Harvard Medical faculty, but a paid consultant to 10 drug companies, including five makers of cholesterol treatments.

“I felt really violated,” Mr. Zerden, now a fourth-year student, recently recalled. “Here we have 160 open minds trying to learn the basics in a protected space, and the information he was giving wasn’t as pure as I think it should be.” Read the full article in The New York Times HERE