Monday, December 28, 2009

The Price of the Promise

Let me tell you a story. Mark Yarnell, minister in a small town in
Texas, was headed for bankruptcy and just about to lose his car and
home. He looked for a way out and discovered Network Marketing.
Luckily, he had a wise sponsor. The sponsor gave Mark "THE PROMISE":
AND CONQUER FOUR MAJOR ENEMIES. Mark said, "It's a deal!"

He then invited 200 friends over to his house to watch a video. 80
said, "No, not interested." Mark had encountered
ENEMY #1: Rejection.
He thought, "No problem, my sponsor warned me about that.
I have 120 people still coming over."
Guess what? 50 didn't show up. He had just met
ENEMY #2: Deception.
Mark thought, "No problem, my sponsor warned me about that. I have
70 people who watched the tape." Guess what? 57 said, "Not
interested." he had just encountered
ENEMY #3: Apathy.
Undaunted, Mark thought, "No problem, 13 people signed up."
Guess what? 12 of them dropped out of the business shortly.
ENEMY #4: Attrition had left Mark with just one serious associate. But
Mark had paid the price and succeeded. To this day, that single
distributor earns Mark over $50,000 per month.

Some years ago, 20/20 did a feature story on Amway. They spent 19
minutes interviewing the whiners and complainers; several
distributors who had failed, and showed their garages full of
products they couldn't sell. During the last minute of the show, one
of the most successful Amway distributors was interviewed in front
of his palatial home. He was asked, "This business has obviously
worked for you. What's your secret?" He replied, "There is no
secret. I simply showed the plan to 1200 people. 900 said, "No" and
only 300 people signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at
all. Out of those 85, only 35 were serious and out of 35, 11 made me
a millionaire." Like Mark Yarnell, he worked through the numbers.

Here's the lesson: Your success is directly related to the degree to
which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are
committed to succeed. Mark Yarnell's odds were 1 out of 200. The
Amway distributor's were 11 out of 1200.

Would you be willing to go through 200 people to find the one who
will make you $50,000 a month? Or go through 1200 people to become a
millionaire? I hope you will. It's easier when you know the odds up
But there's the catch: You have your own set of odds and you won't
know what they are until after you've succeeded. So if you've gone
through 50 or 100 people and you haven't found one serious person
yet, you can either give up and assume the business doesn't work, or
recognize that you are working through your own numbers.

The race is not always to the swift...But to those who keep running.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best greens for a Green Drink

Best greens:

1. AO & Phyto-Aloe
2. HealthForce VitaMineral Green - incredible -
3. Pure Synergy – one of the best -
4. Living Fuel Super Greens – excellent -
5. New Chapter Organics Berry Green -
6. New Chapter Organics Broccolive Plus –
7. Pure Planet Green Kamut, Spirulina, and Chlorella –
8. Boku Superfood – phenomenal -

The Best Tasting Green Superfood Products -

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cardiologist & the Mechanic

A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Harley
motorcycle when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop...

The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come
take a look at his bike when the mechanic shouted across the garage,
"Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?"

The cardiologist, a bit surprised, walked over to where the mechanic
was working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his
hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I open its
heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and then put them back
in, and when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I make
$49,875 a year (a pretty small salary) and you get the really big
bucks ($1,795,759) when you and I are doing basically the same work?"

The cardiologist paused, smiled and leaned over, then whispered to
the mechanic...

"Try doing it with the engine running."

Do You Fix Other Peoples Mistakes?

The owner of a hair salon in a small town enjoyed the serenity of knowing that he was the only salon in town.

He was responsible for cutting & styling their hair of just about every resident.

His income allowed him to live comfortably and even send his five children to college.

He did a great job and people love his haircuts.

Unfortunately for him, big business came to his town. Right across the street from his busy little hair salon sprang up one of those full service salon franchises. Who hired mostly good-looking girls with very little talent.

Immediately the media campaign began; ads in the newspaper, magazines, and billboards announcing "EVERYTHING FOR $8.00! $8.00 haircuts, $8.00 perms, $8.00 manicures, everything for $8.00."

Soon most of his customers, even his neighbors and some relatives began visiting the salon across the street, and his business sat empty.

Desperate, he hired an expensive Business Marketing Coach.

"I'm finished," he cried. "It's impossible for me, little me, to compete with them."

The Marketing Coach squinted his eyes at the salon across the street. "Not just yet, not just yet."

With that the consultant picked up the phone and dialed the town's only Billboard Sign company.

"Yes, on top of our salon.... in big letters... with this message, WE FIX $8.00 HAIRCUTS."

It's too bad we can't use the same concept with the natural wellness program. People take poisonous toxic drugs to help symptoms and not get the cause of their problem, and in many cases get another problem from the side effects of the drugs. It's too bad we can't say "WE FIX DRUG SIDE EFFECTS."

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Did you know that every glass of wine contains approximately 200 different phenolic compounds (or phenols)? According to Andrew Waterhouse, Ph.D., a key researcher at University of California, Davis, Department of Viticulture and Enology, wine is "one of the best sources of phenolic antioxidants available to Americans." Phenolic compounds are found in high concentrations in the grape skins, seeds and stems. Red wine, which utilizes all of these parts in the winemaking process, seems to be a particularly rich source for antioxidant nutrients.

Scientists all over the world have already isolated and identified compounds such as resveratrol, catechin and quercetin, and have begun to establish their antioxidant and protective properties, already finding phenolics in wine to potentially reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, inhibit platelet clotting, and produce a more favorable HDL-LDL cholesterol ratio. The most recent research has begun to indicate the potential role of phenolic compounds in reducing the risk for both heart disease and cancer, which will assure continuing research in this very important area.

TO LEARN MORE about wine-specific health benefits, mealtime consumption, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and healthy lifestyles of wine drinkers visit the Wine Institute Web Site at:

Do You Fix Other Peoples Mistakes?

The owner of a hair salon in a small town enjoyed the serenity of knowing that he was the only salon in town.

He was responsible for cutting and styling their hair of just about every resident.

His income allowed him to live comfortably and even send his five children.

He did a great job and people love his haircuts.

Unfortunately for him, big business came to his town. Right across the street from his busy little hair salon sprang up one of those full service salon franchises. Who hired mostly good-looking girls with very little talent.

Immediately the media campaign began; ads in the newspaper, magazines, and billboards announcing "EVERYTHING FOR $8.00! $8 haircuts, $8.00 perms, $8.00 manicures, everything for $8.00."

Soon most of his customers, even his neighbors and some relatives began visiting the salon across the street, and his business sat empty.

Desperate, he hired an expensive Business Marketing Coach.

"I'm finished," he cried. "It's impossible for me, little me, to compete with them."

The marketing coach squinted his eyes at the salon across the street. "Not just yet, not just yet."

With that the consultant picked up the phone and dialed the town's only billboard company.

"Yes, on top of our salon.... in big letters... with this message, WE FIX $8.00 HAIRCUTS."

It's too bad we can't use the same concept with the natural wellness program. People take poisonous toxic drugs to help symptoms and not get the cause of their problem, and in many cases get another problem from the side effects of the drugs. It's too bad we can't say "WE FIX DRUG SIDE EFFECTS."


Friday, November 27, 2009

The 2-1-2 Success rule.

"Sir, what is your secret of success?" A reporter asked a CEO of a natural supplement company that sells in 15 countries.

"Two words."
"And, sir, what are they?"
"Right decisions."
"And how do you make the right decisions?"
"One word."
"And, sir, what is it?"
"And how do you get experience?"
"Two words."
"And, sir, what are they?"
"Wrong decisions."
What About Needing a Full Range of Motion?

"You need to lift through a full range of motion in order to build maximum muscle."
Nearly every person who has trained with Static Contraction training has heard this comment in the gym. It's often from some person who thinks he's helping you out by passing on some physiology 'knowledge' he heard. Sometimes it's just a know-it-all who critiques everyone's workouts.
In any event, ask him this simple question, "Has there ever been a clinical study that demonstrates humans need a full range of motion to build muscle; or a study that demonstrates range of motion plays a bigger role in hypertrophy than the amount of weight lifted?"
Then wait for the silence.
Perhaps it will surprise you to know there is not a single study supporting either conclusion. Nor will there ever be. What? Pete, are you saying you can predict the outcome of future studies? No. What I'm saying is that there are billions of cases over thousands of years of humans building muscle without using a full range of motion. So if a future study concludes that can't happen, the study will be wrong.
The fact is, outside of the gym and exercise infomercial studios, humans just don't use a full range of motion when performing high intensity exercise. For example:
1. When you try to push a car you don't place your hands near your chest to push, you place them almost fully extended away from you
2. Likewise, when you push a car you also don't squat down on you haunches, you barely bend your knees
3. When you climb a ladder you don't go three rungs at a time even though you could
4. When we walk we automatically use a step that is in our strongest and most efficient range of motion, we don't use our full range of motion
There are millions of construction workers, mechanics, landscapers and others who have very muscular physiques without ever using a full range of motion in their daily jobs.
And if full range of motion was the crucial road to muscle growth, yoga instructors and martial artists would be winning all the bodybuilding titles because they consistently exercise with the absolute maximum range of motion to develop flexibility.
Sometimes you'll hear this variation: "If you don't use a full range of motion, you'll develop a short muscle." Again, there is not a single study to back up this assertion. The length and shape of your muscles is determined by who your parents are.
Furthermore, your muscles are permanently attached to your bones. If you do partial reps, your muscles do not disconnect themselves, creep along the bone and reattach themselves during the night in order to become shorter. Won't happen.
And when you lift the maximum weight possible it requires the work of the maximum number of muscle fibers. Maximum fiber recruitment leads to maximum muscle hypertrophy; which is just one more reason the "short muscle" remark is ridiculous.
For over fifteen years I've been showing people how to limit range of motion in favor of lifting more weight in a safer range. I now estimate that over 200,000 people have used my methods to build new muscle.
So the evidence is clear and unambiguous; in the realm of muscle building, range of motion has almost no significance whatsoever. The overwhelming factor of significance is how much weight a muscle lifts. It is better to lift 200 pounds 3 inches than to lift 100 pounds 6 inches. It is better still to lift 400 pounds 1.5 inches. All three lifts represent the same amount of work as far as physics is concerned, yet when you try them in the gym it is the greater weight that taxes your limits, not the greater distance.
"You need to lift through a full range of motion in order to build maximum muscle." It never was true and never will be true. My best advice is to use Static Contraction Training to lift the maximum amount of weight you can, in the smallest and safest possible range of motion...and watch your progress take off.

Train with your brain,
Pete Sisco

And I agree Ken Anderson


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dr. Blaylock on vaccines 1 in 6 children will develop brain anomalies

Excellent interview with Dr. Blaylock on the latest with vaccines...
Hear Dr. Blaylock report the CDC's own reports that 1 in 6 children will develop brain anomalies (autism to ADD to other cognitive dysfunctions) from the 41 vaccines they receive before the age of 6. This 1 in 6 figure does not include the children who will develop autoimmune diseases like diabetes, asthma and allergies from their vaccinations. He also reports that their was NO reduction in flu cases from the children who were vaccinated against the H5N1 flu...
The latest recommendations on Vit D amounts to take...
And more....
Definitely worth listening to...(give it a minute to come up)
Hour 2 - Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD - The Swine Flu & Vaccinations

Monday, November 9, 2009


Did you know that every glass of wine contains approximately 200 different phenolic compounds (or phenols)? According to Andrew Waterhouse, Ph.D., a key researcher at University of California, Davis, Department of Viticulture and Enology, wine is "one of the best sources of phenolic antioxidants available to Americans." Phenolic compounds are found in high concentrations in the grape skins, seeds and stems. Red wine, which utilizes all of these parts in the winemaking process, seems to be a particularly rich source for antioxidant nutrients.

Scientists all over the world have already isolated and identified compounds such as resveratrol, catechin and quercetin, and have begun to establish their antioxidant and protective properties, already finding phenolics in wine to potentially reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, inhibit platelet clotting, and produce a more favorable HDL-LDL cholesterol ratio. The most recent research has begun to indicate the potential role of phenolic compounds in reducing the risk for both heart disease and cancer, which will assure continuing research in this very important area.

TO LEARN MORE about wine-specific health benefits, mealtime consumption, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and healthy lifestyles of wine drinkers visit the Wine Institute Web Site at:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Global Warming Myth / Look at the facts

Thanks Larry & Tim Richardson
Here's a quote from the Federal agency that runs the Natn'l Weather Service. Go to the link below to see the web page. Doesn't this look pretty newsworthy? Have you seen it in the mainstream media? I haven't. Problem is that it does not fit the party line of the global warming fanatics. Gee, if it is that much cooler, why are we talking about Cap & Trade legislation which will raise everybody's costs of energy? Doesn't something like this FACT need to be weighed into the international discussion about supposed global warming based on model forecasts about which considerable scientific doubt exists? There are increasing scientific dissents to the supposed consensus view that mankind is warming the planet and all manner of disasters will result. But you really have to look hard for them to be reported in the mainstream media.
"The average June-August 2009 summer temperature for the contiguous United States was below average – the 34th coolest on record, according to a preliminary analysis by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. August was also below the long-term average. The analysis is based on records dating back to 1895. "
34th coolest summer in the last 114 years! But not in the newspapers. Guess it’s not news.

The only thing true about the warming part of "global warming" is
the hot air spewing from its proponents their lips.

Friday, October 16, 2009

One of 12 parts from seminar

Keep yourself alkaline by eating only fresh whole ripe raw organic plants,
such as fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouted seeds, and nuts. He doesn't recommend grains.
80% fruits for carbohydrates, 10% nuts or avocados for fats, and 10% greens for protein, check out Dr.. Graham on youtube: you can watch his whole seminar in 12 parts. He does make his points very slowly, but he wants the audience to understand.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sugar Fix for Torn Ligaments

Doctor prescribes injections of glucose and herbs to get yogis back on the mat.

The Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to "do no harm." But sometimes the road to healing takes an unlikely detour. For example, Hippocrates treated back pain by lancing hot pins into the vertebrae of patients. It sounds barbaric, but it worked. The new injury helped heal the old one.

When a teacher Richard Freeman sprained his sacroiliac joint, he turned to an orthopedic treatment called prolotherapy, based on the same principles Hippocrates used. "Prolotherapy works like certain types of acupuncture," explains Dr. Allen Thomashefsky (, the orthopedist and Ashtanga Yoga student who treated Freeman, "applying injections of herbs and dextrose, or sugar, to microscopically re-injure ligaments and stimulate a new healing cycle."

Unlike muscle and bone, ligaments heal very slowly. Since the body's reconstructive processes stop a few weeks after an injury, even a moderate sprain can leave you with ligaments that never get a chance to heal completely. Then, like a door with loose hinges, these damaged ligaments allow your bones to swing out of alignment in the joint, leading to cramped muscles, inflammation, pain, and eventually arthritis. To jump-start the healing process, Thomashefsky uses a mildly irritating solution of dextrose he calls "sweet shots" injected directly into the stretched or torn connective tissue. Over several weeks the body reacts by sending "fibroblasts"—connective tissue builders—to the area. These biological repairmen lay down new, fibrous cells wherever they detect damage. The new cells strengthen the joint capsule and restore stability. The repaired tissue can be up to 40 percent stronger.

Research published in the Journal of Spinal Disorder in 1993 shows prolotherapy leads to substantial improvement in over 80 percent of patients. Even the conservative Dr. C. Everett Koop, former United States Surgeon General, calls himself a true "believer." Koop turned to prolotherapy after two neurological clinics diagnosed him with incurable back pain. Prolotherapy proved them wrong. And because yoga students generally lead healthy lives, they enjoy an excellent rate of recovery.

Prolotherapy costs $250 to $400 a session, and many private insurance policies cover the treatment.

By Fernando Pag├ęs Ruiz

Monday, October 5, 2009

Re-labeling and calling it "healthy" and "low fat."

A former food executive insider reveals
how big food companies get away with
re-labeling garbage and calling it
"healthy" and "low fat."

Call it legalized lying.

If you're not a Read Food Channel subscriber,
you should consider joining. This info is
priceless and I don't know where else you
would get it.


- Brasscheck

People who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1

September 27, 2009
Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan
By Patrick White
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1
A "perplexing" Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in the government agencies responsible for protecting the nation's health.
Distributed for peer review last week, the study confounded infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu.
The paper is under peer review, and lead researchers Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and Gaston De Serres of Laval University must stay mum until it's published.
Met with intense early skepticism both in Canada and abroad, the paper has since convinced several provincial health agencies to announce hasty suspensions of seasonal flu vaccinations, long-held fixtures of public-health planning.

If Socialism Becomes Full Blown

If Socialism Becomes Full Blown, Your Health Records, Financial Records, Library Records, and Drug Store Records Are Likely to Be Available Online to Insurance Companies, Governments, and Maybe Store Owners of All Types.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video on Fat in food,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

When People Don't Understand You, Problems Occur

Upon awakening much later than the appointed hour, he found that the old lady, with strict regard for the proprieties, had slipped under his door a slip of paper upon which was written: "Sir, it's 8:30!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Health Checkup

A senator, about to begin a difficult session in Congress, thought it would be wise to have his health checked before he began his duties. He went to the hospital and submitted to a complete examination. "Do you smoke?"
"A little."
"Well,. You'll be better off if you stop."
"Are you a heavy eater?"
"Well, just a little."
"Slow down a bit on that. Eat lighter meals."
"Do you drink?" Here the senator, surprised at the warnings lighted that. "No, never touch a drop."
"Too bad," said the doctor. A little organic wine now and then might be very good for you."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Caffeine is Harmful

I have many concerns about caffeine. The major one, possibly even more important than the caffeine itself, is the toxic chemical used in the many stages of growing and marketing coffee. The easily rancified oils and the irritating acids contained in the beans offer further hazards. Caffeine, like sugar, overstimulates the adrenals and then weakens them with persistent or chronic use. First, sugar stimulates and weakens the adrenals, which creates fatigue. Then we use caffeine to keep us aware and awake, further depleting our adrenals, to which many respond by drinking more caffeine with sugar. In addition, people who overuse caffeine tend to need more tranquilizers and sleeping pills to help them relax or sleep.
Caffeine can be a lifetime drug for many. We begin with hot chocolate or chocolate bars, which contain some caffeine, move into colas or other soft drinks with caffeine, and then add coffee and tea. Many adults use caffeine daily, but this is slowly changing with education and experience revealing the long-range problems resulting from caffeine abuse.
People trying to cut down by drinking decaf could even be exposed to dangerous chemicals unless they are drinking coffee prepared by the water process or Swiss process, which uses steam distillation to remove the caffeine. Otherwise, agents such as TCE (trichlorethylene) or methylene chloride used in the chemical processing may be contained as residues in the decaf coffee. Cola naturally contains caffeine, yet many soft drinks have even more added. The caffeine creates an addiction to the drink. Xanthines, theophylline, is found in black teas; it is also commonly used in medicine to aid in breathing. Theobromine, the third xanthine derivative, is found in cocoa.

Signs and Symptoms of Caffeine Intoxication or Abuse:
Nervousness, headache, increased heart rate, anxiety, upset stomach, irregular heartbeat, irritability GI, blood pressure, heartburn, increased cholesterol,
tremors, diarrhea, nutritional deficiencies, insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration,
depression, dizziness and bed wetting.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms:
Headache constipation, runny nose, craving, anxiety, nausea, irritability, nervousness, vomiting, insomnia, shakiness, cramps, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, depression, drowsiness, feeling hot and cold, apathy, inability to concentrate
The most common withdrawal symptom is a throbbing and/or pressure headache, usually located at the temples but occasionally at the back of the head or around the eyes. A vague muscular headache often follows. Of course, caffeine cures the symptom; but this is not the answer.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sheriff Mack on Forced Vaccines

Nobody, including the Federal Government, has the authority to compel you to submit to a vaccination. I hope this is circulated to all the Sheriffs here in the USA. T.

Please check out this video, filmed a few days ago, about the flu vaccine, and the sheriff's power to stop mandatory vaccines;

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Woman talking to Fish and Game Warden

One morning, the husband returns the boat to their lakeside cottage after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap.
Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, puts her feet up, and begins to read her book. The peace and solitude are magnificent. Along comes a Fish and Game Warden in his boat.
He pulls up alongside the woman and says, 'Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?' 'Reading a book,' she replies, (thinking, 'Isn't that obvious?') 'You're in a Restricted Fishing Area,' he informs her. 'I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading.'
'Yes, but I see you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up.'
'If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault,' says the woman. 'But I haven't even touched you,' says the Game Warden. 'That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment.'
'Have a nice day ma'am,' and he left.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Omega-3 deficiency 96,000 US deaths a year

Omega-3 deficiency causes 96,000 US deaths per year, say researchers
By Shane Starling, 26-Jun-2009

Related topics: Omega-3, Research, Nutritional lipids and oils, Cardiovascular health, Cognitive and mental function

Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than excess trans fat intake, according to a new study.

The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and used a mathematical model to determine how many fatalities could have been prevented if better practices had been observed.

The study, jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on 2005 data from the US National Health Center for Health Statistics. They determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year due to omega-3 deficiency, compared to 63,000-97,000 for high trans fat intake.

Power of diet

“This is a very interesting analysis,” said Andrew Shao, PhD, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

“I think this analysis reinforces the long-held notion that the diet has a tremendously powerful impact on health and longevity and that the consumption of omega-3’s (along with fruits and veggies) by Americans is far from adequate.”

But he questioned the precision of the study findings due to complicating factors that had not been addressed.

“It is hard to say how definitive their findings are as far as the numbers are concerned, since chronic diseases and associated deaths are multifactorial,” he told this morning.

“As far as diet goes, is it the lack of fruits and veggies or the excess animal and processed foods that is the culprit? It is hard to say.”

He added that the study did not consider other key nutrients such as vitamin D.

Shao’s counterpart at the Natural Products Association, Dan Fabricant, PhD, emphasized the potential public health care savings that could be derived from better nutrition, especially in tight economic times, but called for further study.

“We need more clinical research that nails down why omega-3 is so effective,” Fabricant said. “This seems to be the last missing piece for omega-3s in terms of clarifying the picture for governmental/regulatory bodies of its efficacy.”

Shao added the study highlighted the importance of establishing a dietary reference intake (DRI) for omega-3 forms, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

“Once these requirements are established, the government can undertake initiatives to improved Americans’ intake of these critical nutrients,” he observed.

“But until that happens, Americans are likely to continue to fall short in their omega-3 intake, and we see a glimpse of what the consequence can be from this study.”


The study will do no harm to the omega-3 industry, with the world’s leading supplier, Ocean Nutrition Canada, calling the results “shocking”.

“…this new study validates that Omega-3 EPA/DHA is more than just part of a healthy's a matter of life and death," said Ocean Nutrition Canada's vice president of marketing and communications, Lori Covert.

"We know that daily doses of Omega-3 EPA/DHA can help with many conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, and we're committed to increasing consumer awareness about the drastic Omega-3 EPA/DHA deficiency in the Western diet,” Covert said.

Tobacco smoking ranked as the highest risk factor with 436,000 to 500,000 attributed preventable deaths, followed by high blood pressure (372,000 to 414,000), obesity (188,000 to 237,000), physical inactivity (164,000 to 222,000), high blood glucose (163,000 to 217,000), high LDL cholesterol (94,000 to 124,000) and high salt intake (97,000 to 107,000).

The other risk factors were alcohol use; low polyunsaturated fatty acids; low fruits and vegetables intake and alcohol use.

Source: Public Library of Science Medicine Journal

Vol. 6, April, 2009

‘The Preventable Causes of Death in the United States: Comparative Risk Assessment of Dietary, Lifestyle, and Metabolic Risk Factors’

Authors: Goodarz Danaei, Eric L Ding, Dariush Mozaffarian, Ben Taylor, Jurgen Rehm, Christopher J L Murray, Majid Ezzati

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Not-So-Happy Meal: What's Really in Fast Food?

(Health Food or Junk Food) Ken Anderson
By Sarah Krupp, Divine Caroline. Posted September 3, 2009.

The real story behind every perfectly round patty and golden fry is something the fast food industry would prefer you not know.
From the processing plants where cow manure gets ground into meat to the chemistry labs that create fast food flavors such as a “smoky, grilled taste,” the story behind every perfectly round patty hamburger and golden fry is something the fast food industry would prefer you not know.
A slew of books and movies over the last decade have revealed the gnarly business of fast food, and it’s anything but enticing.
Not Just Food
Any recount of fast food horrors would be remiss without a collection of sordid restaurant tales. Bugs, rodents, and unsanitary working conditions are the common pitfalls of making mass-produced food. These war stories shouldn’t be surprising, yet they are. Here’s a sprinkling gathered from former fast food workers and news reports:
• At a Long John Silver, an employee stirred a bucket of cole slaw with his whole arm immersed so deep that his armpit hair mingled with the shredded cabbage.
• TV news cameras filmed dozens of rats scurrying around a Taco Bell/KFC in New York City.
• Former fast food workers say that it’s common to blend cockroaches and other bugs into dairy deserts.
• Inspectors found dead rodents decomposing in a rattrap at a Wendy’s in Texas.
• A customer was served a cup dripping in blood at Hardee’s in Florida.
• A patron, taking a bite into a taco at a Chicago Taco Bell, bit into chewing gum.
Even though people are vaguely aware of these violations, Americans continue to consume vast quantities of fast food. Why? Convenience and price are good reasons, but that doesn’t really explain why we eat so much of it. After all, a street vendor could be selling steamed fresh broccoli and spinach for a penny and do less business than a McDonald’s does. The obvious reason is that fat, salt, and starches appeal to our palates. But there’s more going on than good grease. Excellent frying techniques can’t explain the allure of McDonald’s fries. In fact, fast food flavor has little to do with the innate qualities of the food—it’s all in the additives.
Engineered Flavors
The fast food industry has worked hard to engineer foods that will appeal to our every sense with manufactured flavorings, color, and what’s called mouthfeel—the texture, weight, and consistency. In his book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser described how companies—often the same ones that make perfumes—mix the chemicals that give our processed food their flavors. Schlosser lists nearly one hundred chemicals that make up the standard strawberry flavor in a milkshake. The flavoring for proprietors is kept secret. For decades, McDonald’s used beef tallow to cook its fries. When the public started to worry about saturated fat, the company switched to vegetable oil, but it continues to use animal products to achieve the same flavor. McDonalds has refused to disclose what other ingredients they use. The FDA doesn’t require food companies to list the ingredients in additives, as long as they are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS).
Fake Food
For his documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock puts several McDonald’s entrees, including a Big Mac and fries, into separate glass containers to find out how they will decompose. He does the same thing with a burger and fries from a local non-chain restaurant. After two weeks, the burger and fries from the mom-and-pop restaurant are covered in mold and oozing as expected, but the Big Mac and fries look eerily pristine. Five weeks in, the regular burger and fries are unidentifiable, the Big Mac is molding, but the McDonald’s fries still look perfect. Two months later, nearly everything is black with mold except the fries, which appear as fresh and perky as the day they were bought, as if they were made of plastic. The experiment, which appears as extra footage on the DVD, begs the question: “How long do they last in your stomach?”
Microscopic Threats
The high levels of harmful pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella in hamburger meat are one of the most startling finds in Fast Food Nation. In a 1996 study, the FDA found that nearly 79 percent of ground beef has microbes that are primarily spread through fecal matter.
The first known fast food E. coli outbreak in the early 1980s sickened dozens of patrons at a McDonald’s restaurant in Oregon, but the public was never informed. Contaminated meat at a Jack in the Box in 1993 had far more serious consequences, killing four people and hospitalizing some 200 people. Since then, thousands of people have been hospitalized and hundreds have died.
The problem of cattle spreading bacteria to humans is partly due to the conditions that cattle are raised. They live in close quarters where contagious infections multiply and they eat foods that make them unhealthy. Cows’ digestive systems are meant for grass but instead, cattle are often raised on corn and high-protein feeds made from rendered animals. Mad Cow Disease prompted a ban on feeding cattle dead cow remains, but the FDA still permits horse, poultry, and pig remains, as well as cow blood in cattle feed. The pathogens are also spread at slaughterhouses. If a worker carelessly removes the digestive systems from a cow carcass, manure and dirt can spill onto the meat. The workers are often poorly trained and under extreme time pressures, making mistakes more likely. Grinding the meat spreads the contamination from the meat of one cow to hundreds.
Even armed with all this disturbing knowledge, you may choose to close your eyes and dig into a Happy Meal. And you wouldn’t be alone. Americans are still spending large percentages of their food budgets on fast food. That means a lot of fries, burgers, and bugs.
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Webinar "The Shattering Truth About Your Health"

The Shattering Truth About Your Health | Troy L

Troy Anderson ( has invited you to present at the following Webinar:

"The Shattering Truth About Your Health"
Saturday, September 5, 2009 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST (West coast)

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Do you know your Hymns?

Here are a list of Hymns you relate to on any of your travels and or events.
Dentist's Hymn.................Crown Him with Many Crowns
Weatherman's Hymn...There Shall Be Showers of Blessings
Contractor's Hymn..............The Church's One Foundation
The Tailor's Hymn......................Holy, Holy, Holy
The Golfer's Hymn............There's a Green Hill Far Away
The Politician's Hymn................Standing on the Promises
Optometrist's Hymn...........Open My Eyes That I Might See
The IRS Agent's Hymn..................I Surrender All
The Gossip's Hymn.....................Pass It On
The Electrician's Hymn..................Send The Light
The Shopper's Hymn...................Sweet Bye and Bye
The Realtor's Hymn. . . . . . I've Got a Mansion Just over the Hilltop
The Massage Therapists Hymn . . . ......He Touched Me
The Doctor's Hymn......................The Great Physician
AND for those who speed on the highway - a few hymns:
45mph.....................God Will Take Care of You
65mph.....................Nearer My God To Thee
85mph....................This World Is Not My Home
95mph...................Lord, I'm Coming Home
100mph.... ........ ....Precious Memories

Give me a sense of humor, Lord,
Give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some humor out of life,
And pass it on to other folk.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Network Marketers “Develop Leaders”

Sales People “Close” Network Marketers “Develop Leaders”
August 25th, 2009
A Dale Calvert ARTICLE:
As I look back on the last 30 years in the network marketing
industry, a paradigm shift that really took my business to
a new level was realizing that I was not in the sales business
but the leadership development business.
It is very important that you understand this as it relates to
recruiting new team members. Sales people close, but not
network marketing leaders.
If you have to close them into your business then you will have
to continue to sell them to do anything after they join. Nobody
has time for that.
You are looking for people that are looking for opportunity.
“A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still”
When I first got involved in the network marketing industry I
read all of the classic sales books and made the mistake of
thinking I should attempt to close people in the business. The
bottom line is, long term this doesn’t work. You may be able
to talk them into the business but network marketing is about
more than 1 time up front commissions.
If you want to learn to close then get involved in high
commission sales. If you want to become effective in network
marketing learn to sort through people and find the people who
are looking for opportunity.
You are looking for people whose window is open, let
me explain.
I believe that within a 365 day year everyone has their
window open at least once.
What causes their window to open?
* They don’t get the promotion they deserve
* They realize that they have a child that wants to
go to college in a couple of years.
* Their company is laying off and it is getting closer
and closer to them.
* They want to buy their first home.
and the list goes on and on. You get the idea. Something
happens in their life that causes them to open their heart and
mind and consider other options for their financial future.
Their window may open for a few minutes, a few days,
a few weeks, and sometimes their window opens and it
stays open. They make the DECISION to do something different.
The secret to prospecting and recruiting is to expose your
opportunity to enough people to find those whose window
is open.
The only thing you can control is how many prospects
you get your opportunity in front of on a daily, weekly,
monthly basis. You cannot control whose window is open,
and whose is not.
Yes, you can close those whose window’s are closed,
but they ultimately become a waste of your time effort
and energy.
The name of the game is sorting through people. Ametures
try to convince, professional’s sort. Please understand, I
am not saying you shouldn’t have a “closing question” for
lack of a better term.
I believe in a two step recruiting process.
Play One; expose a prospect to your website or
company DVD.
Play Two; Invite them to the hear the entire story via
live meeting, conference call or webinar.
After the play two event simply say “What questions
do I need to answer for you before we get you started?”
If their window is open and they are ready to get started
they will ask a couple of questions and then be ready to
sign up.
They may have objections such as:
“I don’t have the money”
“I don’t have the time”
“I can’t sell”
etc. etc. During my free upcoming webinar with Networking
Times, I will share with you EXACTLY how to
answer every objection you ever receive the rest of your
network marketing career. Go ahead and register right now
while it is fresh on your mind and I look forward to being
with you on September 30th.
You can register for this MLM Training here:

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Vitamin B 17 Is Laetrile

I knew Dr. Krebs in Arizona many years ago. I bought vitamin B 15 from him personally. His father and he worked on Laetrile vitamin B 17. Do research on the Internet to find out more information yet let me give you a head start in your research if you're interested.
G. Edward Griffin - "A World Without Cancer ..."
The Story Of Vitamin B17 - 55:13 mins.

Remember this was made many years ago so the figures that he mentions on the video are much worse today. Yet the facts are I believe the same. This is only one of many reasons that I recommend eating raw apricot pits. You can order them from most any health food store. If they don't carry raw apricot pits ask them to order them in or go to a different store who will.

The video gives a history of the discovery of vitamin C from natural food helping people suffering from a condition now we know as scurvy. We don't see much scurvy today yet we do see pre-scurvy conditions and symptoms like bleeding gums, catching a cold or flu row easily. He also talks about pellagra and how it took 40 years before the doctors in America recognize that it was a deficiency in nutritional factors.

The video will give many other sources of Laetrile in food which I'm not going to list here because I want you to watch the video.

There has never been a cure of any condition with a man-made drug. Only natural food and food supplements with the natural vitamins or minerals that have been found to be successful. Vitamin B 17 is a very interesting story. It might make you mad but remember all you have to do is eat specific natural food in the raw state.

Also you can get the book "World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17" [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
by G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin (Author)
› Visit Amazon's G. Edward Griffin Page
Find all the books, read about the author, and more.
See search results for this author
Are you an author? Learn about Author Central
(Author) "Examples of dishonesty and corruption in the field of drug research; a close look at the first major study which declared Laetrile (vitamin B17)

E-mail me and let me know what you thought about this free video.


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Gossip, 2 or 3 Witnesses

Two or Three Witnesses

8/20/2009 By Eric Rauch
The old adage of "not judging a book by its cover" is not only a common-sense concept, but a biblical one. Proverbs 1:5 tells us that the wise man "hears and increases in knowledge." Increasing in knowledge does not just mean getting more information, but also analyzing and comparing the knowledge one already has with the new. In other words, it is a caution of putting too much emphasis on first impressions.
Gossip—by its biblical definition—is related to slander, which is a violation of the ninth commandment (bearing false witness). Gossip is usually not as deliberate as slander in bearing false witness against a neighbor, but it does so just the same. Gossip is almost always shared on the first hearing, and the subject of the gossip is never consulted for his side of the story. Leviticus 19:15-16 "lumps slander together with legal injustice and even false testimony in a capital case, but Proverbs uses the same word to condemn the talebearer and to warn the wise not to associate with gossips (11:13; 20:19). The NT also lists both as sins (Romans 1:29-30)." [1]
There is always more to see than what first meets the eye. We seldom, and I would go so far as to say we never, get the full picture from our own perspective. Seeking to understand things from another person’s point of view is the first step toward empathy and true understanding. Gossip is the willful denial of this fact, and slander is the willful spreading of untruths (or misinterpreted truths) about a person. This is why the Bible commands two or three witnesses be present before any case can be lawfully heard in a court. "One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established" (Deuteronomy 19:15). Only one point of view (one witness) is not enough to condemn a man. At least two—three is preferred—must be able to come forth in order for the case to even be heard.
Some commentators on this text indicate that having two or three witnesses assures a fair trial. God is no fool. He knows very well that men are only too happy to collude in their sinfulness. If getting two or three witnesses is all that is required, surely a group of men who have much to gain by accusing a man of wrongdoing will do just that. Paul assures us that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord (Philippians 2:9-11), but until that day men will continue to deny that God will bring judgment upon them for their sins. God is ultimately the Judge of both the witness and the perpetrator. Having two or three witnesses does not guarantee that the trial will be fair, but it does place a great amount of responsibility on the witnesses. Their testimony is a legal oath in the earthly court, but more importantly it is a covenantal oath in the heavenly court. "By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matthew 12:37).
Sin is seldom private. In fact, Jesus quotes Deuteronomy 19:15 when he discusses church discipline in Matthew 18. "If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses" (Matt. 18:15-16). The first stage of winning a brother is going to him in private. Restoration is the goal, not public humiliation. Each stage of the restoration process becomes more and more public though, moving from private discussion, to two or three, to the whole church. If the final step does not win him, he is to be excommunicated as an unbeliever. The implication is that there is no fear of God before his eyes, because he does not wish to reconcile with his brothers in the church.
This is also true in the civil realm. If two men have a dispute and are able to settle it between themselves without involving the courts, this is preferable. Two or three witnesses are only necessary when a matter cannot be solved amiably, or when others are directly involved, as in a capital offense. Fairness, or getting what one deserves is not the primary point of the two or three witness law. God's judicial precedence—in both the church and the civil realm—is for disputes to be settled on the lowest level possible.
But some may protest by saying if only one witness is present to a heinous crime then we must allow this case to be heard; one is certainly better than none. But God's law is clear on this, as Deuteronomy makes obvious. God has specifically mandated that one is not better than none when it comes to fallible witnesses who don't see everything properly from a limited point of view. But even if no earthly witnesses are present we must always keep in mind that three heavenly eyewitnesses are always watching. We may not be able to convict in an earthly court, but the heavenly court—with its triune Judge—is never lacking the necessary number of witnesses. In fact, the heavenly court always has the preferred amount.
Proverbs 18:17 reiterates the Deuteronomic law when it states: "The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him." How often has this been the case in your own life? If your experience is anything like mine, you know the answer is more times than you would like to admit. We are quick to judge and quicker to condemn, even when we don't know half of the story. Proverbs later tells us: "By wise counsel you will wage your own war, and in a multitude of counselors there is safety" (Prov. 24:6). In our sinfulness, we ignore wise counsel and wage our own private wars of gossip and slander, but the Bible tells us that there is safety from this battle plan in a multitude of points of view (counselors). Proverbs 1:7 says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Ignoring the Bible's command to seek safety in the multitude of counselors, we become fools when we willingly despise "wisdom and instruction." Rather than heeding God's law, we become laws unto ourselves (autonomy). And it is this very sinful, self-referential state of autonomy that the law of God is meant to destroy.

[1] Paul J. Achtemeier., Harper's Bible Dictionary (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1985).

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Hannity's Sunday program censored not aired. Health Care

Below are links to the segments of Hannity's last Sunday program which were censored and not aired.

To everyone who thought the special about Obama was going to be on Hannity. It was taken off. Here are the segments. You better watch now before hey are removed too.
Yes, the program was not aired Sunday so it was googled and found the segments had been taken off of the internet as well. Wonder who did this?
Wonder who blocked this? Is this our NEW Government protecting us?

Here are the 6 segments if they haven't been removed before you get to them. Jan
Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Part 5 -

Part 6 -

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Hydrogen Peroxide, The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of Ozone (O3) (in gas, liquid or powder form) is better, faster yet cost more, fore more info on it Call or email me 541-840-6811
Ken Anderson
By Dr. David G. Williams
Posted July 17, 2003

When it comes to hydrogen peroxide therapy there seems to be only two points of view. Supporters consider it one of the greatest healing miracles of all time. Those opposed feel its ingestion is exceptionally dangerous, and only the foolhardy could think of engaging in such behavior. Before either condemning or endorsing hydrogen peroxide, let's take a real close look at what we're dealing with.

If any substance is interesting, it's hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide should really be called hydrogen dioxide. Its chemical formula is H2O2. It contains one more atom of oxygen that does water (H20). By now everyone's aware of the ozone layer that surrounds the earth. Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen (03). This protective layer of ozone is created when ultraviolet light from the sun splits an atmospheric oxygen molecule (02) into two single, unstable oxygen atoms. These single molecules combine with others to form ozone (03). Ozone isn't very stable. In fact, it will quickly give up that extra atom of oxygen to falling rainwater to form hydrogen peroxide (H202). (Bear with me: all this chemistry mumbo jumbo I'm going through actually will help you understand the importance of hydrogen peroxide.)

Helps Plants
It is this hydrogen peroxide in rainwater that makes it so much more effective than tap water when given to plants. With the increased levels of atmospheric pollution, however, greater amounts of H202 react with air-borne toxins and never reach the ground. To compensate for this, many farmers have been increasing crop yields by spraying them with diluted hydrogen peroxide (5 to 16 ounces of 35% mixed with 20 gallons of water per acre). You can achieve the same beneficial effect with your house plants by adding 1 ounce of 3% hydrogen peroxide (or 16 drops of 35% solution) to every quart of water you give your plants. (It can also be made into an excellent safe insecticide. Simply spray your plants with 8 ounces of 3% peroxide mixed with 8 ounces of white sugar and one gallon of water.)

Hydrogen peroxide is odorless and colorless, but not tasteless. When stored under the proper conditions, it is a very stable compound. When kept in the absence of light and contaminants, it dismutates (breaks down) very slowly at the rate of about 10% a year. (This can be slowed even further by storing the liquid in the freezer.) It boils at 152 degrees C and freezes at minus 2 degrees C.

When exposed to other compounds hydrogen peroxide dismutates readily. The extra oxygen atom is released leaving H20 (water). In nature oxygen (02) consists of two atoms--a very stable combination. A single atom of oxygen, however, is very reactive and is referred to as a free radical. Over the past several years, we've continually read that these free radicals are responsible for all types of ailments and even premature aging. What many writers seem to forget, however, is that our bodies create and use free radicals to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In fact, the cells responsible for fighting infection and foreign invaders in the body (your white blood cells) make hydrogen peroxide and use it to oxidize any offending culprits. The intense bubbling you see when hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with a bacteria-laden cut or wound is the oxygen being released and bacteria being destroyed. The ability of our cells to produce hydrogen peroxide is essential for life. H202 is not some undesirable by-product or toxin, but instead a basic requirement for good health.

Newer research indicates we need hydrogen peroxide for a multitude of other chemical reactions that take place throughout the body. For example, we now know that vitamin C helps fight infections by producing hydrogen peroxide, which in turn stimulates the production of prostaglandins. Also lactobacillus found in the colon and vagina produce hydrogen peroxide. This destroys harmful bacteria and viruses, preventing colon disease, vaginitis, bladder infections and a host of other common ailments. (Infect Dis News Aug.8,91:5). When lactobacillus in the colon or vaginal tract have been overrun with harmful viruses, yeast, or bacteria, an effective douche or enema solution can be made using 3 tablespoons of 3% H202 in 1 quart of distilled water. Keep in mind, however, that a good bacterial flora must always be re-established in theses areas to achieve lasting results.

Aerobic versus Anerobic
While we are discussing enemas and douches, there is another misconception about H202 I need to address. The friendly bacteria in the colon and vagina are aerobic. In other words, they flourish in high oxygen environments and thrive in the presence of oxygen rich H202. On the other hand, most strains of harmful bacteria (and cancer cells) are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or H202. We can agree that hydrogen peroxide produced within individual body cells is essential for life. And no one doubts its effectiveness when it comes to treating infections topically. The controversy deals with ingesting the substance orally or introducing it into the body intravenously. The dispute has been going on for decades, and considering the attitude of our medical community, it will continue for many more decades to come.

I'll admit I was skeptical when I first learned about using H202 orally or intravenously. This healthy dose of skepticism, however, lead to a great deal of investigation, clinical work and experimentation. And while I realize a large majority of readers will probably never be convinced that H202 is a safe and effective compound, I am. Hydrogen peroxide is safe, readily available and dirt cheap. And best of all, it works! No one yet fully understands the complete workings of hydrogen peroxide. We do know that it is loaded with oxygen. (A pint of the food-grade 35% solution contains the equivalent of 130 pints of oxygen. A pint of 3% hydrogen peroxide found at the local drugstore contains 10 pints of oxygen. And a pint of the 6% solution used to bleach hair contains 20 pints of oxygen.) We also know that when H202 is taken into the body (orally or intravenously) the oxygen content of the blood and body tissues increases dramatically. Early researchers felt these increases were simply due to the extra oxygen molecule being released. This doesn't however, appear to be the case.

Only very diluted amounts of H202 are ever introduced into the body. The small amount of oxygen present couldn't be solely responsible for the dramatic changes that take place. Dr. Charles Farr, a strong proponent of intravenous use, has discovered another possible answer. Dr. Farr has shown that hydrogen peroxide stimulates enzyme systems throughout the body. This triggers an increase in the metabolic rate, causes small arteries to dilate and increase blood flow, enhances the body's distribution and consumption of oxygen and raises body temperature (Proceedings of the International Conference on Bio-Oxidative Medicine 1989, 1990, 1991).

Father Richard Willhelm
We are just beginning to learn exactly how H202 works. It was reported to work as far back as 1920. The English medical journal, Lancet, then reported that intravenous infusion was used successfully to treat pneumonia in the epidemic following World War I. In the 1940's Father Richard Willhelm, the pioneer in promoting peroxide use, reported on the compound being used extensively to treat everything from bacterial-related mental illness to skin disease and polio. Father Willhelm is the founder of "Educational Concern for Hydrogen Peroxide" (ECHO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on the safe use and therapeutic benefits of hydrogen peroxide.) Much of the interest in hydrogen peroxide waned in the 1940's when prescription medications came on the scene. Since that time there has been little economic interest in funding peroxide research. After all, it is dirt cheap and non-patentable. Even still, in the last 25 years, over 7,700 articles relating to hydrogen peroxide have been written in the standard medical journals. Thousands more, involving its therapeutic use, have appeared in alternative health publications. The number of conditions helped by hydrogen peroxide is astounding. The reported dangers and side effects are few and often conflicting.

Let's look at several conditions that seem to respond especially well to H202 therapy. First, keep in mind that there are two methods of administering the peroxide-1) orally and 2) intravenously. While most conditions respond remarkably to oral ingestion, emphysema is one condition in which intravenous infusion can be a godsend. Emphysema involves destruction of the alveoli (the small air sacs in the lungs). Although chemical fumes and other irritants can cause the destruction, it is most often the result of smoking. As the disease progresses, the patient finds it more and more difficult to breathe. A wheel chair and supplemental oxygen become necessary as the disease progresses. Lack of adequate oxygen reaching the tissues forces the heart to pump more forcefully. This leads to high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart itself and eventually heart failure. Conventional medicine offers little help for emphysema. There is no cure. The best that can be hoped for is symptomatic relief and the prevention of any serious complications that might result in death. H202 therapy can offer more. Using 1 ounce of 35% peroxide per 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water in a vaporizer improves nighttime breathing tremendously. But intravenous infusion holds the real key to relief. It has the ability to cleanse the inner lining of the lungs and restore the ability to breathe.

We continue to hear the same story from Dr. Farr and others who use intravenous infusion for emphysema and congestive lung problems. Within minutes oxygen from hydrogen peroxide begins to bubble up between the membrane lining the lungs sacs and the accumulated mucus. (Dr. Farr refers to this as the "Alka-Seltzer effect.") The patient begins to cough and expel the material that has accumulated in the lungs. The amount of bubbling, coughing, and cleansing can be regulated by simply turning the H202 on and off. As the peroxide clears the lung surface and destroys the bacterial infections, the patient regains the ability to breath more normally. We continue to receive reports from patients for whom the technique has improved breathing so much that a wheelchair and supplemental oxygen are no longer needed. If you would like to find a doctor in your area trained in the use of intravenous H202 infusion, contact the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation (IBOM), P.O. Box 13205, Oklahoma City, OK 73113 at (405) 478-4266. They can provide names and addresses of doctors using the procedure in your area.

If emphysema were the only ailment successfully treated with H202 therapy, it would still rank as one of the top health discoveries of all time. Fortunately, H202 works wonders on a multitude of health problems. It does so by increasing tissue oxygen levels. A closer look at how we have decreased the availability of external and internal oxygen, will show you just how important this can be. If you were not too occupied with trying to hide dissection specimens in the other student's desks, you might remember from elementary science courses that our atmosphere contains about 20% oxygen. That is under ideal circumstances. It has recently been reported that in many of our more polluted cities, there levels have dropped to around 10%! (I have already mentioned how less hydrogen peroxide-containing rain is reaching the earth's surface. With increased pollution it is reacting with airborne toxins before it even reaches the ground.) And everyone, by now, knows the oxygen-generating rain forests are being destroyed worldwide, which further reduces available oxygen. Internal oxygen availability is also under attack.

Chlorination of drinking water removes oxygen. Cooking and over-processing of our foods lowers their oxygen content. Unrestrained antibiotic use destroys beneficial oxygen-creating bacteria in the intestinal tract. Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany has shown that for proper cellular utilization of oxygen to take place, our diets must contain adequate amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, the oils rich in these fatty acids have become less and less popular with the food industry. Their very nature makes them more biologically active, which requires more careful processing and gives them a shorter shelf-life. Rather than deal with these challenges, the food industry has turned to the use of synthetic fats and dangerous processes like hydrogenation.

It's obvious that our oxygen needs are not being met. Several of the most common ailments now affecting our population are directly related to oxygen starvation. Asthma, emphysema, and lung disease are on the rise, especially in the polluted metropolitan areas. Cases of constipation, diarrhea, intestinal parasites and bowel cancer are all on the upswing. Periodontal disease is endemic in the adult population of this country. Cancer of all forms continues to increase. Immune system disorders are sweeping the globe. Chronic fatigue, "Yuppie Flu" and hundreds of other strange viral diseases have begun to surface. Ironically, many of the new "miracle" drugs and nutritional supplements used to treat these conditions work by increasing cellular oxygen (oftentimes through H202 formation). For example, the miracle nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, helps regulate intercellular oxidation. Organic germanium, which received considerable publicity not too long ago, also increases oxygen levels at the cellular level. And even substances like niacin and vitamin E promote tissue oxidation through their dilation of blood vessels.

Hydrogen peroxide is only one of the many components that help regulate the amount of oxygen getting to your cells. Its presence is vital for many other functions as well. It is required for the production of thyroid hormone and sexual hormones. (Mol Cell Endocrinol 86;46(2): 149-154) (Steroids 82;40(5):5690579). It stimulates the production of interferon (J Immunol 85;134(4):24492455). It dilates blood vessels in the heart and brain (Am J Physiol 86;250 (5 pt 2): H815-821 and (2 pt 2):H157-162). It improves glucose utilization in diabetics (Proceedings of the IBOM Conference 1989, 1990, 1991). The closer you look at hydrogen peroxide, the less surprising it becomes that it can help such a wide variety of conditions.

The following is only a partial listing of conditions in which H202 therapy has been used successfully. (Many of these conditions are serious, if not life-threatening. As always, I would highly recommend seeking the advice and guidance of a doctor experienced in the use of these techniques.)

Allergies Headaches
Altitude Sickness Herpes Simplex
Alzheimer's Herpes Zoster
Anemia HIV Infection
Arrhythmia Influenza
Asthma Insect Bites
Bacterial Infections Liver Cirrhosis
Bronchitis Lupus Erythematosis
Cancer Multiple Sclerosis
Candida Parasitic Infections
Cardiovascular Disease Parkinsonism
Cerebral Vascular Disease Periodontal Disease
Chronic Pain Prostatitis
Diabetes Type 11 Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diabetic Gangrene Shingles
Diabetic Retinopahty Sinusitis
Digestion Problems Sore Throat
Epstein-Barr Infection Ulcers
Emphysema Viral Infections
Food Allergies Warts
Fungal Infections Yeast Infections

Grades of Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is available in various strengths and grades.

A) 3.5% Pharmaceutical Grade: This is the grade sold at your local drugstore or supermarket. This product is not recommended for internal use. It contains an assortment of stabilizers which shouldn't be ingested. Various stabilizers include: acetanilide, phenol, sodium stanate and tertrasodium phosphate.

B) 6% Beautician Grade: This is used in beauty shops to color hair and is not recommended for internal use.

C) 30% Reagent Grade: This is used for various scientific experimentation and also contains stabilizers. It is also not for internal use.

D) 30% to 32% Electronic Grade: This is used to clean electronic parts and not for internal use.

E) 35% Technical Grade: This is a more concentrated product than the Reagent Grade and differs slightly in that phosphorus is added to help neutralize any chlorine from the water used to dilute it.

F) 35% Food Grade: This is used in the production of foods like cheese, eggs, and whey-containing products. It is also sprayed on the foil lining of aseptic packages containing fruit juices and milk products. THIS IS THE ONLY GRADE RECOMMENDED FOR INTERNAL USE. It is available in pints, quarts, gallons or even drums. Various suppliers are mentioned later in this article.

G) 90%: This is used as an oxygen source for rocket fuel.

Only 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is recommended for internal use. At this concentration, however, hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidizer and if not diluted, it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Any concentrations over 10% can cause neurological reactions and damage to the upper gastrointestinal tract. There have been two known fatalities in children who ingested 27% and 40% concentrations of H202. Recently, a 26 month old female swallowed one mouthful of 35% H202. She immediately began vomiting, followed by fainting and respiratory arrest. Fortunately, she was under emergency room care and although she experienced erosion and bleeding of the stomach and esophagus, she survived the incident. When she was re-examined 12 days later, the areas involved had healed (J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 90;28(1):95-100).

35% Food Grade H202 must be

1) handled carefully (direct contact will burn the skin--immediate flushing with water is recommended).

2) diluted properly before use. 3) stored safely and properly (after making a dilution the remainder should be stored tightly sealed in the freezer).

One of the most convenient methods of dispensing 35% H202 is from a small glass eye dropper bottle. These can be purchased at your local drugstore. Fill this with the 35% H202 and store the larger container in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator until more is needed. Store the eye dropper bottle in the refrigerator. The generally recommended dosage is outlined in the chart below. The drops are mixed with either 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water, juice, milk or even aloe vera juice or gel. (Don't use chlorinated tap water to dilute the peroxide!)

Suggested Protocol
The program outlined is only a suggestion, but it is based on years of experience, and reports from thousands of users. Those who choose to go at a slower pace can expect to progress more slowly, but that certainly is an option. The program is not carved in stone and keep in mind that it can be adapted to fit individual needs. Individuals who have had transplants should not undertake an H202 program. H202 stimulates the immune system and could possibly cause a rejection of the organ.

Day # -Number of Drops/ Times Per Day
1 - 3 / 3
2 - 4 / 3
3 - 5 / 3
4 - 6 / 3
5 - 7 / 3
6 - 8 / 3
7 - 9 / 3
8 - 10 / 3
9 - 12 / 3
10 - 14 / 3
11 - 16 / 3
12 - 18 / 3
13 - 20 / 3
14 - 22 / 3
15 - 24 / 3
16 - 25 / 3

Maintenance Dosage
In most situations after the above 21 day program, the amount of H202 can be tapered off gradually as follows:
25 drops once every other day for 1 week
25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks
25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks

This can then be reduced to between 5 and 15 drops per week based on how one feels. Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the problem is resolved (possibly as long as six months). Those with chronic systemic Candidiasis may need to start with 1 drop three times a day, then 2 drops three times a day before starting the above schedule. It is important that H202 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by taking it either one hour before meals or three hours after meals. If there is food in the stomach, the reaction of H202 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming, indigestion, and possibly even vomiting. Additionally, some animal research indicates that when H202 given orally combines with iron and small amounts of vitamin C in the stomach, hydroxyl radicals are created (J Inorg Biochem 89;35(1):55-69). The bleach-like aftertaste of H202 can be lessened by chewing one of the sugar-free cinnamon gums. Some individuals taking H202 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting to sleep. This is probably due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at the cellular level. The oral dosage schedule is basically the same for all conditions. There are several points to keep in mind, however.

Some individuals may experience upset stomach. If this occurs it is recommended that one not stop the program, but rather remain at the current dosage level or reduce it to the previous level until the problem stops. (Some patients have been able to solve the nausea problem by taking three or four lecithin capsules at the same time they take the H202.) During the program it's not uncommon to experience what is known as a healing crisis. As dead bacteria and toxins are released from your body it may temporarily exceed your capacity to eliminate them quickly enough. In some individuals this overload may cause fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, skin eruptions, cold or flu-like symptoms, and/or nausea. One should not discontinue using the peroxide to stop this cleansing. By continuing the program, toxins will clear the body sooner and this healing crisis will pass rather quickly.

If you are not already taking vitamin E and an acidophilus product, I recommend starting them before going on H202. Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen available and acidophilus will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.

Making and Using 3% Solutions of H202
A 3.5% solution can be made quite easily by first pouring 1 ounce of 35% H202 into a pint jar. To this add 11 ounces of distilled water. This will make 12 ounces of 3.5% H202. 3.5% H202 has a variety of medicinal uses.

1. Three tablespoons mixed with a quart of non-chlorinated water makes a good enema or douche formula.
2. It can be used full strength as a mouthwash or mixed with baking soda for toothpaste.
3. It can be used full strength as a foot bath for athlete's foot. (Diabetics have found relief from circulation problems by soaking their feet in 1 pint of 3% peroxide mixed with 1 gallon of warm, non-chlorinated water for 30 minutes nightly.)
4. A tablespoon added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. Depending on the degree of sinus involvement, one will have to adjust the amount of peroxide used. I have seen some who can use it at the full 3% strength and others who had difficulty with using a few drops and mixed with a cup of water.
5. 3.5% H202 can be added to pets drinking water at the rate of 1 ounce per quart of non-chlorinated water. Sick cattle reportedly benefit from 1 pint (of 3%) to each 5 gallons of water. (Chickens and cows have remained healthy by using 8 ounces of 35% H202 per 1,000 gallons of drinking water.)

Additional Information
There are two sources you should contact if you have an interest in using hydrogen peroxide therapy. The first, ECHO, was founded by Father Richard Willhelm and is run by Walter Grotz. Their information packet includes a sample newsletter, a list of H202 distributors and several other items. The packet is being made available to interested ALTERNATIVES readers for only $3. Their address is

ECHO Box 126
Delano, MN 55328

If you have an interest in contacting doctors who provide intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy you can write to the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation (IBOM) at the address listed earlier in this article. You should also be aware that there are now numerous hydrogen peroxide products on the market. Some are simply peroxide that has been flavored and mixed with sea minerals, aloe vera, inner tree bark or other ingredients to make the peroxide more palatable (Superoxy, Oxy Toddy, etc.).

Others claim to have developed products that deliver more oxygen than does simple hydrogen peroxide (Aerox, Anti-Oxid-10, Di-Oxychloride, Aerobic 07, Aqua Pure, etc.). Basically you'll end up paying a small fortune and at best achieving the same results you can get for pennies by using hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few simple miracle substances still available to the public. Its safety and multiple uses ranks it right up there with DMSO. If you've never used either of these compounds you are overlooking two of the most powerful healing tools ever discovered. Most of us started on hydrogen peroxide shortly after birth. Not only does mother's milk contain high amounts of H202, the amount contained in the first milk (colostrum) is even higher. This seems only reasonable now that we know one of its main functions is to activate and stimulate the immune system. Although I am a strong supporter of H202 therapy, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to be using it. There are probably some individuals whose health and well-being would not be enhanced with hydrogen peroxide. But there are also millions of others who are suffering needlessly because they either do not know about hydrogen peroxide or they have been misinformed about its use.

~ Afterword ~
The above copyrighted article has been reprinted with permission from Mountain House Publishing, P.O. Box 829, Ingram, TX 78025. It appeared in a recent issue of the health newsletter, ALTERNATIVES ($39.00/yr. 12 issues). Subscription information and/or a sample issue can be obtained by writing to the above address.

Source: Family Health News


Alternatives in Cancer Therapy - Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide v. Prostate Cancer by Bill Munro (Oct. 14, 2005)

Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications by Bill Munro (Feb. 7, 2005)

Hydrogen Peroxide by Walter Grotz

Friday, August 14, 2009

Obese Students Get Worse Grades Than Fit Kids

A new report from the NYC Health Department and Department of Education finds that physically fit students tend to outscore their less-fit peers on academic tests. During the 2007-2008 school year, students who scored in the top 5% on their fitness tests outscored the bottom 5% by an average of 36 percentile points on standardized academic tests. But it's also possible overweight kids score poorly on those tests because bullies are constantly kicking the backs of their chairs. The new report further examines childhood obesity in NYC and finds that 21% of kindergarten through eighth grade students are obese, and nearly 40% of all students are overweight or obese. In a statement, NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said, "When four out of 10 school kids are overweight or obese, the city has a problem." Part of that problem is that 14% of middle- and high-school students hadn't even been offered a physical-education class this school year, according to a recent survey cited by the Post

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Government Health Care letter that's coming.

I understand they're working on a letter that will be going out to Senior citizens all over America. It's going to say something like this "This is an official document asking for your help to reduce America's Healthcare Crisis in keeping the cost down ....

Please Drop Dead"!

Tooth Grown from Stem Cells

Tooth Grown from Stem Cells
By Miss Cellania in Science & Tech on August 5, 2009 at 12:02 am

Scientists from the the Tokyo University of Science used mouse stem cells to grow a new tooth that worked like a charm in a mouse’s mouth. The cells were grown in a lab dish until a tiny tooth “bud” formed. It was then transferred to the jaw of a mouse where a tooth had been removed. The new tooth erupted through the gum in about five weeks, and was fully grown in seven.

The researchers, who repeated the experiment many times, also showed that the new, bioengineered teeth were fully-functional.

Dr Kazuhisa Nakao said: ‘Every bio- engineered tooth erupted through the gum and had every tooth component such as dentine, enamel, pulp, blood vessels, nerve fibres, crown and root.’

Importantly, the rodent recipients had no trouble eating.

If the technique can be used in humans, dentures may eventually be obsolete. The tooth shown in the picture also had a green fluorescent gene so it could be seen easily.

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I often wish I could communicate with our little birds so they would better understand sometimes they seem to be afraid of me.
One day I was praying and asking the Lord how can I "reach" them and help them to understand that I don't want to harm them and they can trust me?
I got the impression He was thinking "Good question!!" (As though He sometimes wonders that about us.)
Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

From Doug & Janet Littlefie ld

Monday, July 27, 2009

Daniel Hauser, a 13 year old in Minnesota, should not be forced to receive chemotherapy against his wishes and the wishes of his parents!

The thirteen-year-old Sleepy Eye boy ordered by the court to undergo chemotherapy treatment for his Hodgkin's Lymphoma was back in court today.The judge ordering whether Daniel Hauser must continue treatments.This after the boy's doctor says his body's responding well to the treatments.News 12's Jennifer Hudspeth has the latest on the case.Jennifer Hudspeth says, "The Hauser family checked in with the Brown County Court today for their monthly review.During court it was decided the Hausers have been completely compliant with the court's orders and that Daniel's treatment at Children's in Minneapolis is going well."Dan Zwakman says, "Their history has shown that the Hauser's are going to cooperate here and they have been, there's been no objection as to what they've been doing."A few concerns were addressed in the courtroom today.A report from Daniel's physician, Dr. Bostrom, stated he thought Colleen Hauser, Daniels mom had received misinformation somewhere.The report stated Mrs. Hauser thought Daniel had a 98% chance of contracting thyroid cancer from the chemotherapy.Dr. Bostrom says it's less than one percent.The Hauser's new attorney Joe Rymanowski suggested a meeting between the family and Dr. Bostrom so the family could better understand Daniel's treatment.Rymanowski says, "Dr. Bostrom's concern was that the questions get answered and that the Hauser's aren't acting on any misinformation, which they are not, Dr. Bostrom's report was clear they are not and that's why we're going to set up that meeting."Another issue brought visits from Brown County Family Services to the Hauser farm.The Hausers say they would rather meet at the was an issue that surprised Brown County Attorney James Olson.James Olson says, "Yeah I kind of was... I don't know what that's about, that's something they do routinely in all their cases."Either way Rymanowski says the Hauser's are keeping Daniel's best interest in mind.Rymanowski says, "The are going to cooperate with the doctor's and do what's best for Danny."Hudspeth says, "Daniel is scheduled to receive his fourth round of chemotherapy tomorrow.The Hauser's will meet back in court for a 90 day review of Daniel's progress in October.In Brown County, Jennifer Hudspeth News 12.

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1,452 African-American children killed each day by abortion

By Gary DeMar on 2009-07-13 in his News Feature

When do you think people will catch on? A billboard located in minority neighborhoods might get some people to think about what they are doing when they decide to kill their preborn babies. Some black leaders, including Jesse Jackson at one time,[6] described abortion as “black genocide.” Here are a few statistics that African Americans might not be aware of:
• Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.
• 1,452 African-American children are killed each day by abortion.
• 3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.
• Since 1973 there have been over 13 million Black children killed and their mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.[7]
How long do you think abortion would be legal in America if Blacks actually thought about the long-term consequences of this government-supported act designed to eliminate them and other undesirables as “human weeds”? I wonder how many Blacks knew the disproportionate statistics before they voted for Obama and his radical proactive pro-abortion views. I wonder how many upper class Blacks knew it and voted for him because of his views on abortion and because they disdain lower class Blacks except when they vote to keep them in office.


[6] “Those advocates of taking life prior to birth do not call it killing or murder,” Jackson said in 1977, “they call it abortion. They further never talk about aborting a baby because that would imply something human. Rather they talk about aborting the fetus. Fetus sounds less than human and therefore abortion can be justified.”
[7] MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be

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Supermarket Secrets Pt 1, Video

Everyone knows about junk food in the fast food restaurants yet most people don't know how bad the supermarket food is. Check out this video then start shopping at the Farmers Market get organic food and as fresh as possible. I hope you all have a garden. You can order hydroponic indoor units to grow food year-round in your home with full spectrum lights.

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Geneticallt Modified Foods "They knew and kept silent"

Food related illnesses in the Uniited States DOUBLED between 1994 and 2001.

Did you know that?

Me neither.

Here's one of the contributing factors:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 Natural food web sites





Cheerios, A pharmaceutical? A drug?


Do you realize that Cheerios may have to apply for classification as a pharmaceutical? A drug?! Recently, General Mills received a slap on the wrist for using heart healthy claims when they talk about Cheerios. According to the FDA, only drugs treat, mitigate or cure disease and any claim for a product that comes even close to that either has to change the marketing or apply for status as a drug. By definition, food cannot be a drug. This is patently obvious to anyone of us who eats food to live and it's still legal to talk about food.

So, what's next? Well, maybe Mannatech is ahead of it's time in insisting that Associates in the field absolutely do not make any claim that links any illness with any product. While other supplement companies seem to be able to make outlandish promises with abandon to vulnerable people, we know that Mannatech is under a microscope. Why? Our product gets results, is standardized and stabilized and offers an exceptional value and guarantee to the consumer.

Rather than restricting us, I see this move as very free-ing. I've been in the complementary healthcare field for twenty years and my experience has shown me the difference between traditional (allopathic) medicine and holistic (natural) healthcare. I'm more than happy to leave "playing doctor" to those trained in the field that breaks our systems down into parts, than tinier parts and then treats what's wrong and then has to treat what's wrong with the treatment. This may seem to be a harsh critique, but we are often left in that loop.

My job is clear: not to discuss what I'm not trained to talk about and to help people shift their focus from illness to wellness-thinking. to move people from self-diagnosing and into listening to their bodies' response not only to chemicals, but also to foods, lack of sleep, stress...It's a total picture and the whole is greater than it's parts. Hence the term "holistic healthcare." We look at the whole person and support them in their wellness goals. to do anything else is allopathic, "playing doctor."

Who is the "healer", anyway? Is it the doctor?the medication? the herbalist? No! It's the body and it's inherent Intelligent Design towards health. I like this definition of a healer:
"A healer is someone who was sick and got well. A really great healer is someone who was very sick and got well fast."-Richard Gordon RPP, QT

Remember, that when we respect that every body is different, we re-educate people to listen to their own bodies' and to decide for themselves what works for them. This gives ownership of the healing process back to the individual.

I want to share the Hope I've found. And that Hope is in Wellness and in being actively involved in one's own Self-care. We sketch out an Assessment and some goals, but we do not name parts or claim that this goes with this part or this fixes that part. Instead, we move ahead in a directed way toward over-all well-being and expression of a greater Quality of Life through our unique God-given gifts that are right there...under the surface...just waiting for when we decide to be well. !

I am a Quality of Life Coach. I have twenty years of professional experience in guiding others, as well as a track record in my personal story. I've been there. I invite you and your loved ones to join me!

Patricia C. Estes HHP
Holistic Healthcare & Psychology
Woodbury Hill Wellness