Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Global Warming Myth / Look at the facts

Thanks Larry & Tim Richardson
Here's a quote from the Federal agency that runs the Natn'l Weather Service. Go to the link below to see the web page. Doesn't this look pretty newsworthy? Have you seen it in the mainstream media? I haven't. Problem is that it does not fit the party line of the global warming fanatics. Gee, if it is that much cooler, why are we talking about Cap & Trade legislation which will raise everybody's costs of energy? Doesn't something like this FACT need to be weighed into the international discussion about supposed global warming based on model forecasts about which considerable scientific doubt exists? There are increasing scientific dissents to the supposed consensus view that mankind is warming the planet and all manner of disasters will result. But you really have to look hard for them to be reported in the mainstream media.
"The average June-August 2009 summer temperature for the contiguous United States was below average – the 34th coolest on record, according to a preliminary analysis by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. August was also below the long-term average. The analysis is based on records dating back to 1895. "
34th coolest summer in the last 114 years! But not in the newspapers. Guess it’s not news.

The only thing true about the warming part of "global warming" is
the hot air spewing from its proponents their lips.

Friday, October 16, 2009

One of 12 parts from seminar

Keep yourself alkaline by eating only fresh whole ripe raw organic plants,
such as fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouted seeds, and nuts. He doesn't recommend grains.
80% fruits for carbohydrates, 10% nuts or avocados for fats, and 10% greens for protein, check out Dr.. Graham on youtube: you can watch his whole seminar in 12 parts. He does make his points very slowly, but he wants the audience to understand.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sugar Fix for Torn Ligaments

Doctor prescribes injections of glucose and herbs to get yogis back on the mat.

The Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to "do no harm." But sometimes the road to healing takes an unlikely detour. For example, Hippocrates treated back pain by lancing hot pins into the vertebrae of patients. It sounds barbaric, but it worked. The new injury helped heal the old one.

When a teacher Richard Freeman sprained his sacroiliac joint, he turned to an orthopedic treatment called prolotherapy, based on the same principles Hippocrates used. "Prolotherapy works like certain types of acupuncture," explains Dr. Allen Thomashefsky (, the orthopedist and Ashtanga Yoga student who treated Freeman, "applying injections of herbs and dextrose, or sugar, to microscopically re-injure ligaments and stimulate a new healing cycle."

Unlike muscle and bone, ligaments heal very slowly. Since the body's reconstructive processes stop a few weeks after an injury, even a moderate sprain can leave you with ligaments that never get a chance to heal completely. Then, like a door with loose hinges, these damaged ligaments allow your bones to swing out of alignment in the joint, leading to cramped muscles, inflammation, pain, and eventually arthritis. To jump-start the healing process, Thomashefsky uses a mildly irritating solution of dextrose he calls "sweet shots" injected directly into the stretched or torn connective tissue. Over several weeks the body reacts by sending "fibroblasts"—connective tissue builders—to the area. These biological repairmen lay down new, fibrous cells wherever they detect damage. The new cells strengthen the joint capsule and restore stability. The repaired tissue can be up to 40 percent stronger.

Research published in the Journal of Spinal Disorder in 1993 shows prolotherapy leads to substantial improvement in over 80 percent of patients. Even the conservative Dr. C. Everett Koop, former United States Surgeon General, calls himself a true "believer." Koop turned to prolotherapy after two neurological clinics diagnosed him with incurable back pain. Prolotherapy proved them wrong. And because yoga students generally lead healthy lives, they enjoy an excellent rate of recovery.

Prolotherapy costs $250 to $400 a session, and many private insurance policies cover the treatment.

By Fernando Pag├ęs Ruiz

Monday, October 5, 2009

Re-labeling and calling it "healthy" and "low fat."

A former food executive insider reveals
how big food companies get away with
re-labeling garbage and calling it
"healthy" and "low fat."

Call it legalized lying.

If you're not a Read Food Channel subscriber,
you should consider joining. This info is
priceless and I don't know where else you
would get it.


- Brasscheck

People who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1

September 27, 2009
Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan
By Patrick White
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1
A "perplexing" Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in the government agencies responsible for protecting the nation's health.
Distributed for peer review last week, the study confounded infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu.
The paper is under peer review, and lead researchers Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and Gaston De Serres of Laval University must stay mum until it's published.
Met with intense early skepticism both in Canada and abroad, the paper has since convinced several provincial health agencies to announce hasty suspensions of seasonal flu vaccinations, long-held fixtures of public-health planning.

If Socialism Becomes Full Blown

If Socialism Becomes Full Blown, Your Health Records, Financial Records, Library Records, and Drug Store Records Are Likely to Be Available Online to Insurance Companies, Governments, and Maybe Store Owners of All Types.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video on Fat in food,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

When People Don't Understand You, Problems Occur

Upon awakening much later than the appointed hour, he found that the old lady, with strict regard for the proprieties, had slipped under his door a slip of paper upon which was written: "Sir, it's 8:30!