Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Last night Dottie and I were sitting in the den
and I said to her, "I never want to live in a
vegetative state, dependent on some machine
and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That
would be no quality of life at all. If that ever
happens, just pull the plug."
So she got up, unplugged the computer, the IPod and
threw out my organic wine.
She made me think.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


By Ken Anderson

Competition and financial gain are what the medical industry is all about.
The fastest growing, failing business in America is the medical industry.
They can't build hospitals fast enough. Of course, if they were succeeding
in their supposed mission to heal people, they would need fewer hospitals,
not more. Medicine in this country has done the American people a great
injustice, and its going to get worse if you end up having to get a national
health card. Man's methods are being weighed in the balance, and they are
being found to be wanting. Is there any hope?
What happens in America is essentially this: If you have a headache, you
take an aspirin. One usually doesn't do it, so you take two, then three,
then four. Next thing you know, your stomach hurts because aspirin makes
your stomach bleed, which means you could have an ulcer. So, you take
another medication for the ulcer, which produces another problem. Then you
compound the medication again by adding something to deal with the side
effects of the ulcer medication. After that you develop liver or kidney
dysfunction, and take another medication for that. Then you get red blood
cell damage, then damage to the spleen, then the immune system goes down. So
you are given stronger and stronger antibiotics. Meanwhile you are still
having the headaches, still taking the aspirin, and it goes on and on.
Finally you get a cancer, and then die. People in America are taking drugs
for the side effects from other drugs, which are for the side effects from
other drugs, and so on. It costs a lot of money, and it goes on year after
The following was published by the Federal Reserve in New York City, in a
book called Keeping Our Money Heathy: "Sugar, salt, tobacco, aluminum, and
fluoridated water, over a period of years, with perhaps other slow poisons
will help to insure that they expire before they retire. If there were fewer
people bidding against each other, money or credit would keep its value."
Did you know sugar was a poison? Did you know you can kill animals by giving
them sugar, or salt, or fluoridated water? Fluoride is a by-product of the
American aluminum industry. You can hardly go and get a prescription to get
it anymore. If you want to find out how serious it is, look at a
poison/antidote chart, and under rat poison you'll find the notorious
fluoride. That is the same thing they put into the toothpaste that is
advertised for your children, and for yourself. Americans are uneducated; in
Japan, the only place they put fluoride in the water is in the prisons,
because everybody knows that will keep the prisoners more docile, so they
won't rebel, cause problems, or fight. This is the same thing being given to
American citizens all over this nation. There have been three cities in
America that have removed fluoride from their pubic water system. Why? Let's
look at the national average of cancer of the colon; in every city in
America where fluoride has been added to the water, the death rate of people
who have cancer of the colon has doubled. However, in the three cities that
removed fluoride from their water system, the cancer of the colon death rate
went back down to the national average again. Fluoride is a poison that
causes cancer, and is a very harmful product. You are probably familiar with
the harmful effects of tobacco. Aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease and many
other problems, and how about America's favorite addicting drug, coffee? How
often are you and the people you know being immobilized by these slow

We have a choice. We can either continue to do things man's way, or we can
choose to do things God's way, the way he intended from creation. This
choice has usually been made for you, and most people don't realize there is
a choice that can be made. All we've ever heard is man's way, through the
medical approach.
For instance, what do you do if you have arthritis? If your body is not
producing enough natural cortisone, you end up with pain in your joints
called arthritis. Man's way to treat this is to give you a shot of synthetic
cortisone, which has side effects. God's way is to address the root of the
problem, not the symptom. Your adrenal glands produce natural cortisone. If
your adrenal glands are not functioning properly, there are natural things
you can use to heal them with herbs, Vit. C, pantothenic acid,
phytochemicals, and minerals, such as zinc. If your adrenal glands are
getting proper nutrition, they will produce the cortisone your body needs,
with no side effects; but if your body is being bombarded with sugar, salt,
coffee, fluoridated and chlorinated water, your adrenal glands may be too
weak to do their job. God's way of natural healing goes to the source of the
weakness and strengthens it, so that the root of the problem, with all its
symptoms, disappears; however, this can take time and a change of a
lifestyle. Man's way is to put a "quick fix" on the symptom, never
addressing the cause of the pain; this gives immediate relief from the acute
pain, but with the price of side effects, and a continued dependency on the
"quick fix" medication. Then another drug is given to deal with the side
effects of the first, and the vicious downward spiral of man's futile
medical methods is on its way, all at the expense of the suffering patient,
Some people have thyroid problems, where the thyroid gland is not producing
enough of the hormone thyroxin. This can be treated either man's way or
God's way. Man's way is through thyroid medication. God has provided natural
means, through the use of kelp, minerals, and amino acids, which strengthen
the thyroid, and enable it to produce its own thyroxin, naturally, with no
side effects.
Some people have gas, bloating, belching, burping, indigestion, and
heartburn. What do you do? The common "quick fix" is to take anti-acids.
Ulcers are caused by the lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, in almost
every case. Most of us have been taught the lie that it is too much
hydrochloric acid (HCL) that causes ulcers. What happens is this: If you
don't have enough enzymes (which are found in raw foods in their natural
state) and HCL, you can't properly digest your food. So your food sits in
your stomach until it rots, putrefies; you then have gas, bloating, and
belching, called indigestion and heartburn. What does the doctor do? He
gives you an anti-acid to stop the rotting of the food; it's a "quick fix."
However, this anti-acid also stops what little digestion ability you had
left, making things worse. Now, even if you eat a nutritious meal, you will
be deficient in nutrients, because the anti-acids you are taking are
preventing you from absorbing the nutrients in your food. This then causes
more malnourishment, with a host of possible side effects.
Isn't that the stuff that if you take one a day, it helps to prevent heart
attacks? That is what the doctors' study showed, didn't it? What they failed
to tell you, is that the aspirin given in that study contained magnesium,
and magnesium is helpful in the prevention of heart attacks. The aspirin you
buy at the store, likely does not contain magnesium. What it does do is
cause your stomach to bleed, or hemorrhage. If you lose a little blood, your
blood becomes thinner, and puts less stress on your heart. Is that what the
American people are to believe will help them prevent heart attacks? I
suppose cutting yourself while shaving would also be considered heart attack
prevention! That makes about as much sense as driving down the street when
all of a sudden a red light pops up on your dash; when you recognize it's
the oil light, instead of stopping to add oil, or making a note to add oil
soon; you just take out your gum and stick it over the light. The acute pain
of the bothersome oil light is now gone, so perhaps you will just forget
adding the oil, until your engine seizes up and the whole car breaks down.
By then, it may be too late! Yet that's exactly what many people do with
pain. Pain is a warning sign that something in the body isn't right. Thank
God for pain!
Most of us were raised to think that pain is the enemy. We like things soft
and comfortable and any little thing that irritates us we call pain, doing
whatever is necessary to get rid of it quickly, at all costs. This often
results in taking one form or another of pain medication, and getting hooked
on it. You get a little headache, and what is your first thought? "I should
take something to stop this pain. I don't want to be bothered by it." Maybe
the headache is caused by low blood sugar, which is usually a protein
deficiency caused by a lack of food. Eating could make such a headache go
away. Usually people that get these types of headaches are those that skip a
meal, they're an hour or two late, then their neck muscles get tense, and
pretty soon they get a headache. That's an indication that the headache was
caused by low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia which is very easy to
control through a proper diet. Yet many people will just take a pain killer.
Another one of man's ways to fix health problems is antibiotics. These are
given to stop the growth of an infection. Why not just build up the immune
system, so the body can fight off the infection naturally, the way God
created the body to work?
Do you have gall stones? The doctor's way of curing that problem is to
operate. There is a much safer and simper method of getting rid of gall
stones quite often. Just go on an apple juice fast (fresh made, organic, if
possible). First thing in the morning at six o'clock, drink an 8 oz. glass
of apple juice. Continue to do this every 30 minutes to an hour, the more
you drink the better, until six o'clock at night. Then wait an hour, and
drink 4 oz. of fresh, good quality olive oil. Follow that with 2 oz. of
fresh lemon juice. Wait about 15 minutes, and repeat the olive oil and
lemon juice again, and go to bed. About midnight you'll have to go to the
bathroom, and guess what you'll find in the toilet . . . little green things
ranging anywhere in size from pieces of sand to chicken eggs, commonly known
as gall stones. The medical "cure" of surgery would have cost about
$13,000.00; this costs about $19.00. Who's really getting the profit?
What is God's way of stopping pain? It depends on the cause of the pain. It
may be as simple as eating a meal. Then there are times when, though you
recognize the root cause of the pain and are working on treating it, it
would make life a lot easier to get rid of the immediate pain as well. White
willow is a natural herb that comes from the white willow tree and is useful
in stopping pain. It has no side effects in its natural form, but one
ingredient was removed, being patented, and the result was a new pain
medication called aspirin. (They couldn't patent the natural herb, and make
nearly as much money.) The whole herb of white willow doesn't cause a
problem, but the tampered form has side effects. DLPA is an amino acid that
is very helpful in the treatment of chronic (long term) pain. Valerian is
another herb useful for stopping pain. If you have a toothache, clove oil
is very useful to numb the pain. You can buy it in the spice section of your
grocery store. (Why isn't that better known? There isn't much profit in it.)
Stretching is an incredibly useful means of erasing pain. Most people don't
realize that most of the pain we experience is caused by the muscles getting
tight. In fact, headache pain is never caused by the brain; the brain has no
nerve endings, no feeling. Headaches come from the muscles around the
skull. Other natural pain remedies include L-Tryptophane (recently
conveniently outlawed by the U.S. government.), B complex vitamins,
acidophilus, and various herbs. All of these can replace the drug
medications so often prescribed, and with no side effects. That's God's way!

Germs don't cause disease any more than flies cause garbage. There are
really only two causes of disease: one is toxins, and the other is
malnourishment; and if you are well nourished, your body will detoxify
Thus toxins are the main problem that causes disease, dis-ease.
By a hair analysis, one can tell whether he is toxic. The hair is like a
tape-recorded message of everything the body has absorbed and utilized
through the diet, like a ticker tape of what has been going on in the body.
The blood is not accurate in that case. Just because the blood is healthy,
doesn't mean the whole body is healthy. That's like checking to see if
there's gas in the gas tank, and if there is, automatically assuming that
the car will run. Although you may have good quality blood, doesn't
guarantee the cells in your body are absorbing it. A hair test is different,
however, in that the cells of your body absorb things from the blood, and
then the hair is made up of those cells. Thus everything that shows up in a
hair analysis is showing what has already been absorbed by the cells and
tissues of the body. It's like taking a biopsy. It won't be in your hair if
you didn't absorb it from your blood or from your environment.
Consequently, if a hair analysis shows a high lead content, that individual
needs to "get the lead out," that is, to detoxify. By getting the lead out
of that person' s system, he will feel better, because the lead makes him
feel bad. If a person has a high aluminum content, he will have memory loss.
If he has a lot of copper, he will be very nervous. If a child has a low
zinc reading in the hair, he could be what is termed hyperactive. Giving
such children zinc has corrected this condition in many cases within 30
days. Anorexia is also a zinc deficiency, as often a hair test will show.
The doctor will tell you it's in the brain. However, after getting the
proper minerals in the system, in this case zinc, the young woman with
anorexia will see herself differently, her mind will work better, and she
will begin eating again, often within 30 days. The so called "anorexic" is
then anorexic no more. This research was done five years ago and proven to
be effective, but it is not acceptable to most doctors in America. Instead,
they treat these zinc deficient girls with drugs, or say it is a
psychological problem.

These are only a few answers provided from God's store house of blessings,
inherent in His creation. Though the medical establishment with all its
influence is the prevailing authority regarding the common heath of the
nation, it is failing and falling, and it is rapidly losing its credibility.
Many people are looking for alternate answers to the downward spiral of side
effect medications and symptom "quick fixes" that don't solve the real
problems people have. Do your own research! Take responsibility for your own
heath and well being, and look to the One with all the answers for His
remedy to save a dying land.

Ken Anderson 1-800-645-8088

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Lemons can help prevent kidney stones,

Lemons and other citrus fruits contain chemicals that can help prevent against the development of kidney stones, says John Milner, a urology expert from the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

"Lemons are very high in citrates, which inhibit the growth of kidney stones," Milner said. "[Real] lemonade, not the powdered variety that uses artificial flavoring, actually slows the development of kidney stones for those who are prone to the development of kidney stones."

Milner made the comments in the context of warning people to drink enough water during the hot summer months. Insufficient fluid intake is the most common cause of kidney stones, which occur when mineral crystals form in the kidneys or the ureters, which connect the kidney and the bladder. For those who are reluctant to drink enough water because they want something with more flavor, Milner suggested adding lemon slices.

People at risk of kidney stones definitely should not drink large quantities of ice tea, he said.

"People are told that in the summertime they should drink more fluids. A lot of people choose to drink more iced tea, thinking it's a tastier alternative," Milner said. "However, in terms of kidney stones, they're getting it going and coming. They're actually doing themselves a disservice."

Iced tea contains high levels of the chemical oxalate, which encourages the development of kidney stones.

"For people who have a tendency to form kidney stones, it's definitely one of the worst things you can drink," he said.

People who are concerned about kidney stone should also consume lower levels of chocolate, rhubarb, nuts and spinach, all of which are high in oxalates, Milner said, as well as meat and salty foods.

Kidney stones are four times more likely to occur in men than in women, particularly men who have reached the age of 40.

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Best vaccine website I have ever seen

Easily the best vaccine website I have ever seen.

Please be sure to scroll down the page and check out the amazingly powerful quotes from doctors around the world.

Ken Anderson

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Health Disclaimer!

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