Friday, November 22, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Uth" Skin Rejuvenation Formula, 1st two hours

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Judy Quick between eyebrows 15 days in "Uth"

Noni 14 days on Mannatech's New "Uth"

Merri-jo Hillaker 1st 7 days on "Uth"

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“The long-term benefits of glycans in human physiology are becoming well established. Ūth crème takes those benefits to a new level in skin care, one I’m proud to recommend. Before long you will notice a hydrated appearance to the skin, setting the foundation for a more youthful appearance of your face.” 
Renowned dermatologist, Dr. Martin Kassir M. D., F. A. A. D.

Mannatech's "Uth" Advanced Skin Cream 1st 5 minutes

Phil Peters 3 weeks only a left side of face

Carol Merlo is 5 days in "Uth"

Jackie Pack's Brown spots disappear on hand she put "Uth"

Marion Culhane is 3 weeks on "Uth"

Linda Franklin & another Before and after picture

New York Mike before and after 12 hours picture