Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 questions for the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration cannot guarantee the safety of the nation’s drug supply because it inspects few foreign drug manufacturers and the inspections it does carry out abroad are less rigorous than those performed in this country, witnesses told a Congressional subcommittee yesterday.
While foreign companies manufacture as much as 80 percent of all ingredients used by American drug makers, the drug agency’s record keeping is so poor that it cannot say which of those have not been inspected, according to the testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.
“More than nine years after we issued our last report on this topic, F.D.A.’s effectiveness in managing the foreign drug inspection program continues to be hindered by weaknesses in its data systems,” Marcia Crosse, director of health care for the Government Accountability Office, said in a statement to the committee.

1) Why does the FDA allow leukemia-causing chemicals to be added to hot dogs that are consumed by children? (Sodium nitrite)

2) Why does the FDA allows nerve-damaging monosodium glutamate chemicals (and derivatives) to be used in baby food?

3) Why does the Girl Scouts continue to make its famous cookies with partially-hydrogenated oils known to contribute to essential fatty acid deficiencies in infants?

4) Why is aspartame still allowed in the food supply at all? (An excotitoxin)

5) Why is mercury still tolerated in American dental work (and, in fact, still pushed by the American Dental Association!) when mercury ingestion is so dangerous to human health?

6) Why do vaccination policies still allow the mass injection of babies with methyl mercury, which has been clearly linked to autism and autoimmune disorders?

7) Why are extremely toxic, cancer-causing chemicals openly allowed to be used in skin care products, perfumes and personal care formulas sold throughout America?

8) Why are popular laundry products still allowed to be sold in the U.S. when they contain numerous cancer-causing chemicals that get embedded in the fibers of clothing and are easily absorbed through the skin?

9) Why do U.S. health authorities not merely tolerate, but actually encourage the mass drugging of schoolchildren with amphetamine drugs? (Ritalin, Adderall, etc.)

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