Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Harmful Effects of Caffeine

While attending Fort Valley State University, I signed up for a class that was held at 8:00am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The problem with this situation was that I started my party frenzy on Thursday night and ended it on Monday morning (3:00am). Now of course I didn’t do this every week but I did it enough to regret signing up for that class. Getting up on Wednesday morning was not a problem since I had adequate sleep the night before, however, when Monday and Friday morning came around it was virtually impossible for me to get up. When I would finally drag myself out of bed and prepare for my 8:00 o’clock class (late as usual) I would still have a hard time staying awake during class. My roommate suggested that I drink pepsi or coke before class and the caffeine will keep me awake. Come Friday morning I did just that. I went to the soda machine conveniently located across from my class and bought a can of pepsi. While still standing there I notice the candy machine to my left filled with all kinds of sweet goodies. “Hmmmm wouldn’t a nice snickers bar go well with this pepsi?” I asked myself. Without hesitation, I purchase a snickers bar and headed towards my class.

To my surprise it worked. I was up and alert during class. However, I was on a caffeine high at 800am and would crash at 10:00am. I didn’t mind taking an hour nap at 10:00am in exchange for my power surge during my 8:00 o’clock class. It wasn’t long until I started experiencing some side effects from the caffeine I was consuming. My first side effect was nervousness. I couldn’t keep still. When I would sit down I would constantly shake my leg. I also noticed that it would take more cans of soda to keep me awake. The second side effect was headaches followed by diarrhea. In order to get rid of my headache I would drink a cup of coffee. Finally I was suffering from insomnia. I was a caffeine addict. This is one of the reasons why I developed uterine fibroids a year later. Fortunately, during the “detox” program that I was on to help cure myself of cancer, I slowly weaned myself off sodas and chocolate. My side effects are gone and I don’t have to worry about developing uterine fibroids again.

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