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Coffee, caffeine very harmful don't drink, don't take pills with caffeine in it

Most caffeine drinkers feel it is harmless enough. But while it poses threats for everyone, pregnant women may be at greatest risk. Let's look at some facts:
The Lethal Does (LD100)=(stands for lethal dose 100% of the people will die) of caffeine is 10 grams*, or about 70 cups of coffee. Many people are taking one 10th of the lethal does every day. *Journal of Family Practice 4(6)1183, 1977

A cup of coffee reduces iron absorption by 39%, and a cup of tea or reduce it by 64%. Dripped coffee will lower our absorption by 72%, while doubling coffee's strength will reduce it by 91%! In comparison, orange juice with its vitamin C, may increase iron absorption in a meal by 250%.
American Journal of clinical nutrition37:416-420, 1983
American Journal of clinical nutrition32:2484-2489, 1979

"300 mg per day retarded fetal growth". The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 270 (24) 46-47, 1993

300 mg = caffeine in 3 cups of coffee, 6 cups of tea, or 5 to 6 cups of soft drinks.

300 mg per day during months before pregnancy nearly doubled suspicious abortion (SAB) risk. JAMA) 270 (24) 2940 - 43, 1993

Fetotoxic effect of caffeine stronger in smokers JmJ Esip 137: 951-954, 1993

200 mg decreases placental blood flow J Reprod Med 19: 55-63, 1997

And pray me experiments, caffeine using mothers had lower fetal birth weights, more stillbirths, and more miscarriages. Technology 8: 239, 1988

caffeine increases fetal myocardial (heart) work. Pediat Research 21: 391-395, 1987

Offspring of caffeine-consuming lab animals showed numerological, physical, and behavioral changes into adulthood. Ann of NY Academy of Science 56: 327-339, 1989

prenatal caffeine exposure may cause long-lasting neurobehavioral affects in activity and learning associated with neurochemical changes in the brain cortex and hypothalamus. International Journal Of Normal Science 41: 15-28, 1988

Caffeine can cause poor neurological development and greater irritability in neonates. Infant Behavioral Development 7: 253-265, 1984

1. Many people in Millicent tuitions with depression and anxiety need no other treatment than to be taken off of caffeine.

2. Caffeine intake in many psychological patients is double the average intake.

3. Clinically significant levels of anxiety and tension states can be reversed by lowering caffeine intake.

4. Certain depression and they Zaidi patients were able to be released from institutions after being taken off of caffeine.

5. Coffee (not just caffeine) may block normal action of brain neurotransmitters.

All five above quotes I have the references if anybody wants to look them up.

A 6-year study in 1991 by the Journal of the American Clinical Nutrition said that of 85,000 women showed a positive relationship between hip fractures and caffeine intake.
Caffeine and Cancer

Triples risk of paying credit cancer with 3 cups a day.

Double seal bladder cancer risk with only 2 cups a day

Rises: Cancer risk by 250%, 2 cups a day

Raises risk of fibrocystic disease by drinking only 3 cups a day

Increases breast cancer risk again 3 cups a day

Increases a very intense or risk 2 cups a day in a research. Dell holes female bladder cancer risk with only one cup a day of coffee.

All six of these quotes are from medical papers if you want the references contact me.

Hollywood for years have promoted coffee to help somebody sober up. There is no evidence of this. Yet there is evidence it actually intensifies the adverse effects of alcohol. Medical World News 7/5/94, 32 A

Ken Anderson
PS: Caffeine Is Found in Drugs, over-the-counter pills weight loss products and now even added to bottled water for teenagers to get a left. God help America to wake up.
PSS: A Search on Google “Caffeine side effects” over 12 million hits.

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