Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do You Fix Other Peoples Mistakes?

The owner of a hair salon in a small town enjoyed the serenity of knowing that he was the only salon in town.

He was responsible for cutting and styling their hair of just about every resident.

His income allowed him to live comfortably and even send his five children.

He did a great job and people love his haircuts.

Unfortunately for him, big business came to his town. Right across the street from his busy little hair salon sprang up one of those full service salon franchises. Who hired mostly good-looking girls with very little talent.

Immediately the media campaign began; ads in the newspaper, magazines, and billboards announcing "EVERYTHING FOR $8.00! $8 haircuts, $8.00 perms, $8.00 manicures, everything for $8.00."

Soon most of his customers, even his neighbors and some relatives began visiting the salon across the street, and his business sat empty.

Desperate, he hired an expensive Business Marketing Coach.

"I'm finished," he cried. "It's impossible for me, little me, to compete with them."

The marketing coach squinted his eyes at the salon across the street. "Not just yet, not just yet."

With that the consultant picked up the phone and dialed the town's only billboard company.

"Yes, on top of our salon.... in big letters... with this message, WE FIX $8.00 HAIRCUTS."

It's too bad we can't use the same concept with the natural wellness program. People take poisonous toxic drugs to help symptoms and not get the cause of their problem, and in many cases get another problem from the side effects of the drugs. It's too bad we can't say "WE FIX DRUG SIDE EFFECTS."


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