Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Power of Unreasonable People

Book by John Elkington & Pamela Hartigan, Harvard Business School

“It is time to start investing in, partnering with, and learning from these world-shaping change agents. You will not only contribute to the social revolutions they’re fueling, but also position your organization to thrive in the new business landscape they are helping to define.”
Even the world' most blissful optimists cringe when they look at today's massive global challenges, including poverty, environmental pollution, terrorism and climate change. Cynics throw up their hands in disgust, retreat behind protective walls and gates, and pray they can somehow ride out the storm while the world cracks apart. In contrast, social entrepreneurs do not run away from trouble. They develop workable solutions to the world's most pressing problems. No one can escape the world's problems, so getAbstract recommends this inspiring book to those who would like to meet the few brave souls who are doing all they can to develop imaginative solutions to the challenges everyone shares.

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