Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training takes the negative out of MLM - Networking

This is one of 3 "Must Watch" videos that I have all new members of our Mannatech team watch. It's so important to have them understand & it is only 10 min long. Please share with all your team and your success will go up.


Most people don't fail at MLM.

Most never try to have an income.

Most choose not to get the training they need to be able to succeed.

Most think they know how to do it and don't ask for help, won't attend trainings, or don't do what they are taught.

Most people decide they just don't like it or want to continue doing it.
So they didn't fail at it, they quit. They decided they did not like it and didn't do what they needed to try to suceed.
Or they never started. They just wanted to be a consumer.

And there is no way to get hurt or lose money in MLM. You get the benefit of the products or you are refunded.

Its far safer and lower risk than investing in stock, or Forex.

Its less costly than going on a skiing trip where you can't make any money or even hitting the casinos.

So when people say most fail at MLM it is an excuse because they got their hopes up but decided to quit instead of learning and helping others so they could succeed.

These are the kind of negative concepts that if associates are not trained in and given another perspective will make them less effective or shut them down. Once they know these they are stronger and feel better about what they do and able to persevere and influence others to duplicate..
Along with the other concepts I sent in my previous email.

I have never heard Tim Sales discuss a product or ingredients. Maybe he does but it is not what he puts out on training people so they can make sales.
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