Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your skin harmful to you?

Our skin has holes in it.

People often make their skin harmful to their body by adding toxins to their skin that go through the skin into the blood then throughout the body.
Everybody knows about the skin patches are used to deliver drugs into the body.
There's a long list of drugs that can be delivered into the system through the skin.
Hormone replacement, stop smoking patches, pain reduction and lots more. In the case
of pain they use words like "Transdermal drug delivery in pain management." If you go
on a ocean cruise you can buy skin patches to stop seasickness. There is even some talk now about delivering synthetic vitamins through a skin patch.

Remember all this when you put your perfume or aftershave lotion on your skin. Read
the label and then ask yourself, do I really want this in my bloodstream? Do I
really want my liver & my immune system to stop doing what they do to neutralize
these new poisons. I call them poisons because anything that is not food (air and
water) is harmful to your system if it is in your blood.

Put your perfume or aftershave on your fabric or clothes, not on your skin.
Check the label on any and all skincare products that you use. There are natural
skincare products on the market.

Synthetic and mixed fiber cloth are also harmful to the skin and your health.

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