Monday, July 27, 2009

Daniel Hauser, a 13 year old in Minnesota, should not be forced to receive chemotherapy against his wishes and the wishes of his parents!

The thirteen-year-old Sleepy Eye boy ordered by the court to undergo chemotherapy treatment for his Hodgkin's Lymphoma was back in court today.The judge ordering whether Daniel Hauser must continue treatments.This after the boy's doctor says his body's responding well to the treatments.News 12's Jennifer Hudspeth has the latest on the case.Jennifer Hudspeth says, "The Hauser family checked in with the Brown County Court today for their monthly review.During court it was decided the Hausers have been completely compliant with the court's orders and that Daniel's treatment at Children's in Minneapolis is going well."Dan Zwakman says, "Their history has shown that the Hauser's are going to cooperate here and they have been, there's been no objection as to what they've been doing."A few concerns were addressed in the courtroom today.A report from Daniel's physician, Dr. Bostrom, stated he thought Colleen Hauser, Daniels mom had received misinformation somewhere.The report stated Mrs. Hauser thought Daniel had a 98% chance of contracting thyroid cancer from the chemotherapy.Dr. Bostrom says it's less than one percent.The Hauser's new attorney Joe Rymanowski suggested a meeting between the family and Dr. Bostrom so the family could better understand Daniel's treatment.Rymanowski says, "Dr. Bostrom's concern was that the questions get answered and that the Hauser's aren't acting on any misinformation, which they are not, Dr. Bostrom's report was clear they are not and that's why we're going to set up that meeting."Another issue brought visits from Brown County Family Services to the Hauser farm.The Hausers say they would rather meet at the was an issue that surprised Brown County Attorney James Olson.James Olson says, "Yeah I kind of was... I don't know what that's about, that's something they do routinely in all their cases."Either way Rymanowski says the Hauser's are keeping Daniel's best interest in mind.Rymanowski says, "The are going to cooperate with the doctor's and do what's best for Danny."Hudspeth says, "Daniel is scheduled to receive his fourth round of chemotherapy tomorrow.The Hauser's will meet back in court for a 90 day review of Daniel's progress in October.In Brown County, Jennifer Hudspeth News 12.

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