Friday, October 31, 2008

Biblical Nutrition: The Bible Supports Foods from Both Plant & Animal Kingdoms

Part 1

Most Natural Health Coaches say "eat raw food & to not eat meat.

I can't help but feel that people have been somewhat misguided, preferring to hold on tenaciously to your view that a 100% raw, vegan diet as the ideal diet for man, rather than acknowledge the truth of what is recorded in the Bible. I believe that the ideal diet should be predominantly plant-based but supplemented by a small quantity of clean, whole, pesticide- and hormone-free animal products, e.g. raw milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, eggs, fish, beef, chicken, mutton, venison, etc. The list of clean meats are found in Leviticus 11:1-47 & Deuteronomy 14:1-29
Allow me to highlight a few Biblical truths:
• Jesus Christ, our Lord, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all human beings, ate animal foods (meat, curds, milk), during His pre-incarnate appearances (e.g. to Abraham in Genesis 18), during His 3.5-year earthly ministry (I'm sure it was no different during His pre-public ministry days) and, think of it, after His resurrection (He ate broiled/barbecued fish on two occasions). If my Lord, who loved me so much that He was willing to go the cross for me, ate fish and gave fish to His children to eat (the feeding of the 4,000 and 5,000), how can I possibly believe that eating fish is toxic to my body. Would such a benevolent God feed poison to His children? Jesus taught that fishes and eggs are good gifts which a loving father would not withhold from his children (Luke 11:11-13). He would not have used these examples if He knew that these were toxic. Jesus also ate bread, which was the staple food of the Jews, referring to Himself as the Bread of Life.
• We don't know for sure if pre-Flood man cooked their food, do we? How can you be so sure that they ate their food raw 100% of the time? We read in Genesis 4:22 that the pre-Flood descendants of Cain knew how to forge implements of bronze and iron. This could only be possible if they had been useing fire. Are you suggesting that generations of pre-Flood man who knew how to use fire for other industrial purposes never cooked their food? That is really quite hard to swallow.
• We don't know for sure if pre-Flood man never ate animal foods, do we? Abel was a keeper of flocks. He brought an animal sacrifice to the LORD (Genesis 4:2). Do you suppose he threw the meat away after the sacrifice? The descendants of Cain also kept flocks (Genesis 4:20). It is hard to imagine that pastoral farmers who kept large quantities of livestock never ate from his produce. What did they keep livestock for? For fur coats and skins only? Now we know that the earth's climate in those days was uniformly warm throughout the earth. Why would they need so much coats and skin to cover themselves? After taking the skin and coats, did they throw away the meat? What about the milk of cows, sheep and goats? Did they also abstain from these for hundreds, even thousands of years? I believe that it is possible that pre-Flood man ate some animal foods from time to time.
• We don't know for sure if pre-Flood man never fell sick, do we? In Romans 8:19-23 tells us that the whole creation had been suffering the pains of childbirth ever since the fall of man. I believe sickness entered the world the moment Adam and Eve fell. To say that pre-Flood man never fell sick is therefore a gross mistake.
• We don't know for sure if pre-Flood man never ate grains or tubers or certain plant foods which require cooking, do we? However, Genesis tells us that Cain was a tiller of the grounds. Could it be that he or pre-Flood man never cultivated grains which is a staple food of man for thousands of years and made large civilizations possible?

What I am saying is this: just because the Bible is silent on certain topics does not allow us to make controversial statements as if these were gospel truths.

In Part 2 I will cover:
Why did God shorten the lifespan of man and how did He do it? The answer to the first question is plain and simple. God shortened the lifespan of man as an act of His grace so that the wickedness and evil in the world would be kept under control. It is found in the Genesis passage itself (6:1-8). Imagine what would happen if Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini and other tyrants were able to live till 900?

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