Saturday, October 4, 2008

JAMA said in July 2000 drugs killed 106,000 Americans

Number three killer in USA
J.A.M.A. in their July 2000 issue stated that medical mistakes, infections, and properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs were the number three killer of American citizens. 106,000 people died from taking properly prescribed therapeutic doses of pharmaceutical drugs alone. That does not include mistakes or interactions. Example: "Here Mr. Johnson, this should help- damn, we've lost him!"
If you include patients who died from medical mistakes, infection, and while receiving outpatient care, the number goes to 483,000 people a year who die from seeking medical care.
That's like three fully loaded 747 jet liners crashing every day 365 days a year! No wonder there has been such a demand for alternative, natural, and holistic healing.
I have been studying a new approach to whole body wellness and am very pleased with what I have found so far. I am curious what other people are doing out there about the obviously wrong direction our current health care system is going.

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